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twisted character review

No description

austin shinto

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of twisted character review

By Bailey V. Twisted Character Review Tyler miller is a young man going into his senior year of high-school. For the 3 years before his senior year he was classified as nerdy,skinny, loner, bookworm, and he was picked on allot by bullies and never declared as equal. Tyler Miller About 3 months before in his junior year tyler decided to spray paint the school but he got caught and payed for it but it was also an advantge. By the end of the summer he was discribed using words like Hot, musculer, made of steel and mature. Tyler Miller after summer Tyler's emotions are all over the place and all over the book. the emotions that Tyler has and battles are gilt, suicide and regret. a Quote i found that tell more about his battle of his emotions and feelings is, Emotions At the start of the book Tyler's goal is to make a great guy out of him-self but by the middle of the book his goal was to make himself clean and to be left alone. Vision/Goal The actions i found that Tyler has was he was very thinking of death or he was suicidal. throught out the book he claims that all he has been thinking about Actions Tyler's main motive is his will to be a great person and a respectful person Motives Quote: Quote: "Mrs. Milbury gave me the once-over.'My goodness, Tyler' she said 'you used four foot nothing and skinny as a beanpole."
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