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The Environment

No description

Erick Mengel Valdez Baca

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of The Environment

One endangered animal is the green sea turtle

The reason this creature is endangered because they are hunted for their shells, eggs and meat.

There are many more animals that are endangered. there are many, many more that are a worse case.
Logging Is Bad
We can stop logging for its resources
But we can limit it.

We could plant a tree every time we cut a tree down.
The Future
Deforestation has been taking a pace of about 130 000 km2 (13 million hectares) per year during the period 1990–2005 (an area the size of Greece).

Deforestation continues at an alarming rate.

we lose 200 km2 of forest per day.
Logging supplies:paper, pencils, furniture, the structural frames of houses, agricultural land, etc.

Logging however limits our supply of oxygen

Deforestation can affect endangered animals and plant species.

Did you know that logging is voted the second most dangerous job in the world.
how to stop logging
Endangered Animals

Thank You
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