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Where is Egypt?

No description

gs students

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Where is Egypt?

Egypt is located on the northeast coast of Africa.
The climate is mediterranean along the northern coast. During the winter time which is December through March it is humid, windy, and cool with occasional rains. At sometimes Mt. Sinai can be completely covered in snow.
What is Egypt known for?
Egypt is known for it's pyramids. some of these pyramids are known as Djoser, Sneferu, Sekhemkhet, Bikheris, Khaba, Userkaf, and lots more.
government, religon, and economy
egypt's constitution was created in 1971 and it declares that the president is to be elected every 6 years. Egyptian people can be Christian, Islam, or Muslim. Economic growth has been held back because of war with Israel.

the largest pyramid is the pyramid of Giza
largest pyramid
what else i know about Egypt
As of 2013 Egypt has a population of 82,056,378. Both egyptian men and women wore makeup.
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