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Our Business

No description

nathan hall

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Our Business

Our Product Our idea is to create an English version of an anime/manga magazine The USP It will be the only non Japanese magazine of its kind and will provide unique views and ideas on Japanese animation Target audience Japanese animation is becomming ever more popular in western countries, especially American and the UK. Releasing our product into the market as it developes we hope to attract customer loyalty towards our product Competiton Currently the only competition to our product is the 'Shounen Jump' magazine that is translated from Japanses to English and sold in America. Before our product is put into direct competion early on we plan to develope our brandawareness in the UK first before we expand overseas Logo We have developed our
own logo to differentiate
our product and create its
own brand which it will be
recognised for Pricing stratergies We plan on using a penetration pricing technique at the beginning of our product.
This will enable us to get our product out there and for sales to be high, so that when we price our product more competively we can rely on customer loyalty to keep income flowing Finance Our start up fees will be
financed by a bank loan
which we will pay off as
soon as possible. Finance
will also be gained from advert
space sold in the magazine.
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