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Bluetooth Low Energy Bachelor Project

Localization using BLE

Mohammed Herky

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of Bluetooth Low Energy Bachelor Project

Bachelor Project

Mohammed Mo'men Ibrahim

: Dr. Tallal Elshabrawy

Information Engineering and Technology Faculty
German University in Cairo

Bluetooth Low Energy BLE:
Design of Adhoc Network
Project Scope:

Track user position or object
Minimal tracking error
Minimal energy consumption
Low Energy
BLE vs. Classic Bluetooth
BLE Advantages
BLE Hardware

Peripheral Device (BLE Slave)/Central Device
(BLE Master)

USB Dongle uses CC2540 chip

iBeacon operates on a single CR2032 coin cell battery
Beacons transmit 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy
Low Energy Consumption
10 Meters Distance Range
Low Connection Set-Up Time
RSSI & UUID Transmission
BLE Applications
Medical Application
Sports and Fitness
Localization using BLE
RSSI Reading
1. Detect or discover surrounding transmitters

2. Depending on the receiving module the receiver will need to connect to read the RSSI

Localization Estimation
Distance Calculation
Less Costs
Error Determination
Measure a huge number of RSS
Get average of the received power
Find slope

Path loss constant
Receiver will retrieve the RSSI and UUID to detect the number of surrounding beacons
RSSI = - (10n Log (d) + A)
If there is more than one beacon...
Method of Trilateration upon two beacons separately
Use equation of straight line
Get distance between the two beacons

Use center of mass
HMComAssistant Program
used with USB dongle for RSSI reading
Java Code
Implementing localization algorithm to calculate distance after RSSI is retrieved

Immediate Communication for USB dongle

Try different technique than Trilateration for localization
Debugger for controlling the BLE modules for own firmware instead of AT commands which restricted the modules to take one RSSI reading per second
Any Questions?
Thank You
Future Work
1. Introduction
2. Background
a. Localization
b. Bluetooth Low Energy
c. Hardware
d. Applications
3. Specification
4. Implementation
5. Results
6. Future Work

Adjusting transmitter power with reference to the distance of the receiving node 1 meter away.
Take a lot of RSSI at 1 meter
Get average of readings
Substitute in equation
Android Code
To detect and receive the transmitted RSS

To get localization results on android devices
Localization Techniques
This is a method for finding the position
of a node relying on the angles measured
Finger Printing
generates a probability distribution
of RSSI values for each given
(x,y) location.
Compares with live results according to probability
Finds the intersection of
circles centered at
beacons as the position of the node
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