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International Student Orientation

No description

Jason Martisek

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of International Student Orientation

International Student Orientation
Welcome to SAU

Culture Shock
It will pass with time
Expect it to happen
It is both mental and physical
It helps to talk about it
Social Life
Join ISA or other campus organizations
SAU offers plays, sports, movies, and special events
Check your email and calender for events
Magnolia Express
Local Shopping Trips
Every Friday from 2pm to 8pm
Either deposit money in a bank or student account
Go to the Business Office to pay for classes
Tuition and fees, insurance, and 1st month’s room and board, are to be paid in full during registration.
Health & Hygiene
•Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)
Student Health Office at 235-5237
At night, or on weekends, contact your RA
Counseling Services
Housing and Food
Can you move off campus?
If you are 21 years or older or have 60 or more credit hours
If you have a scholarship then you have to live on campus
Problems with your Roommate?
Residential Assistant (RA)
The Hall Director
First Contact your...
Office of Student Life
Dorms and Cafeteria Close during the Breaks
No cooking in dorms
Campus Police call 235-4100
Emergencies call 911
Always walk facing the oncoming traffic.

Avoid “bad” parts of town, especially at night.
Keep your door locked, even if you leave your room for a short while.
No Weapons
No Smoking or Drinking on Campus
Say "No" to drugs
Must be a full-time student
Undergradute: 12 or more hours
Don't Cheat
Cars and Drivers License
There is a written and driving test
Written test every Tuesday and Thursday
You must purchase car insurance
Social Security Cards
You must have a job on campus first
Come to ISO after you find a job
We will take students to get their cards around two months after school starts
Medical Insurance
Mandatory for International students
You can choice another policy comparable to the University's
Immigration Laws
Student's Responsibilities
In-status and out of status?

Change of Address
Change in Major
Extending Program
Only work on campus!!!
School in session
20 hours a week
During the Breaks
40 hours a week
Curricular Practical Training (Internships)
Optional Practical Training (OPT)
Must be required by your major
Must inform our office
May work for one year
Apply for this when you graduate
Important Documents
Ensure passport is valid
Notify our office if you want to travel outside the country
Shuttle to Texarkana
Remember that dorms close during breaks so make plans well before time
Welcome to
Southern Arkansas University
Body Odor and deodorant
Wash clothing regularly
Bathroom Etiquette
Boys lift the seat!
Don't leave a mess
Don't leave water from the sink on the counter
Online Classes
Of your 6 or 12 hours can be an online class
Beyond your required hours you can take more online classes
Graduate: 6 hours or more
SEVIS Registration
Must be completed before you can get a SSN card or driver's license
Usually completed by the 3rd or 4th week of the semester
Travel signature- no such thing as a travel I-20
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