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Despicable Me

No description

Seth Reinoso

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Despicable Me

Despicable Me Archetypes The Hero's Journey The hero- Gru starts out as a villain, trying to steal the moon, but in order to steal the moon he needed the shrink gun. The shrink gun got into "Vector's" possession. In order to get the gun back, he had to use 3 sweet little girls. Later he began to start caring for the 3 little girls, and he was a hero to them. by: Seth, Brian, Andrew, Jaylah, and Jun Ordinary World Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call The Mentor 1st Threshold Tests, Enemies, and Allies Approach Ordeal Reward The Road Back Resurrection Returning Home Gru’s average day before the story builds is lonely usually spent alone, focusing on his villain work. Gru’s call to adventure is being challenged by vector to be the best villain, his secondary call to adventure is meeting the girls at the door even though he does not answer. Refusal of the call is Gru not answering the door when the girl scouts come to his door The mentor- Dr. Nefario helps Gru. He is a wise villain who assits him in the plan to steal the moon. Dr. Nefario in one scene warns Gru that the shrink ray time is not unlimited and will make objects return to their original size.
http://movieclips.com/EdMv-despicable-me-movie-grus-lab/ Shadow- The evil Vector is also trying to steal the moon. He wants to be the better villain. He uses better technology to stop Gru from getting what he wants. Trickster- The minions are the allies for Gru. They are funny little yellow oval things that do their task. Although they joke around a lot, they help Gru on his journey to steal the moon. Shapeshifter- Gru meets the banker at the place where he met Vector. Gru tells the banker he is going to take the moon. However, he finds out he is with vector. Threshold Guardian- The banker hides important information to Gru, such as telling Vector what Gru told him about the moon plan. The mentor in this movie is Dr. Nefario, Gru’s assistant but still acts as a father figure. He did not meet him on the journey he has been present since the beginning. the mentor in this movie is Dr. Nefario, Gru’s assistant but still acts as a father figure. He didn’t meet him on the journey he was there from the beginning The first threshold for Gru was adopting the 3 girls to assist in his evil plan by getting him into Vectors house. Test-There are many tests in this movie some of which include trying to steal the shrink ray from Vector, and then the main plot which is stealing the moon. Some tests also arise throughout the movie such as, saving the little girls from Vector and making it to the ballet show on time. Allies- Edith, Margo, igneous (The 3 girls), the Minions, and Dr. Nefario. Enemies- Gru’s enemies are- Vector and the lack of available funds. Approach- Gru’s approach to achieving his plan of stealing the moon is first adopting the girls and then stealing the shrink ray. The Ordeal is giving back the girls in order to be able to focus more on the mission, and successfully complete it. Then the ordeal and priorities shift to being a good thief to being a good father and Gru decides to give up the moon in order to save and get the girls back. The reward of successfully stealing the moon is the sense of great accomplishment, but getting the girls back ends up being much more of an award than being a good villain. The Road Back is after Gru successfully stole the moon and realized that he needed the girls more than he wanted to be a good villain. when Gru decides to give up the moon in order to fight for and win the girls back. Gru returns home with the girls and lives happily ever after. Concluding thoughts....
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