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on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of SOMATIC MARKER

why did i choose you?
the power of somatic markers
Now do you understand what somatic markers are ?? or How your brain goes and gets past experiences to make your future decisions...
Colgate Ad

Fun Facts

Thank you for Watching our Presentation!!
Which would you Choose?
Why did you chose that?
Blendtec Blender
We have all been to the grocery store before, whether with our parents, siblings, or friends. We have all gone to various sections of the store to find our beloved products. Many people don't realize it but we make decisions when we are choosing a product. When someone asks us why we buy the product we usually say "no reason" or "instinct" or " I just did", but the real reason why you choose that product was due to somatic markers.
Its called Somatic Markers. Somatic Markers are when our brain summons and scans memories, facts and emotions and squeezes them into a fast response. Our brains make constant connections everyday which eventually becomes our "instinct" and it affects our decisions on what products we purchase.
Somatic Markers in real life Situations
For example: you probably link a product that has the label Made in Japan to something that can break easily.
This is because our brain remembers past experiences with products that have been "Made in Japan" that have broken very easily in a short period of time. So, we automatically don't go for products with the symbol "Made in Japan".
Watching an IPhone whirl and clack in till its become a bunch of black dust is unforgettable. It creates a somatic marker because now our brain associates that the Blendtec blender is the best blender there is and can turn anything into a smoothie.
The Fear Factor
Advertisers usually create somatic markers by using the element of fear. Practically every brand plays on fear. They attempt to scare us into believing that buying their product will make you feel less safe. An example of this would be Colgate there slogan basically says brush with Colgate or you'll die.
At the back of this package it says "emerging scientific research is associating serious gum disease with other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke". In short terms it is basically telling you to buy the product or youll die of gum disease.
Antonio Damasio
reward and fear make one of the largest somatic markers that we have
somatic markers are basically our memories from our child hood
everyday we make a new somatic marker
a somatic marker comes from the scientist Antonio Damasio
Antonio Damasio
Antonio Damasio

Antonio Damasio is the Head of Neurology at the University of Iowa
Damasio discovered the somatic marker hypothesis, a theory about how emotions and their biological underpinnings are involved in decision-making (both positively and negatively, and often non-consciously)
He has been named by the Institute for Scientific Information as one of the most highly cited researchers in the past decade
The Humor Factor
Many advertisers also use the humor factor to implant a somatic marker in our brains. For example, in an advertisement for Lamisil, they decided to make it fun by using germs in a humorous and memorable way. This ad creates a powerful somatic maker by using humor.
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