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Online Resources for Organizational Success

The web offers a wide variety of services that can make your organization shine. The best part is most of them are free! This presentation highlights a variety of websites that will help you get your message out and keep your group organized.

Scott Shields

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Online Resources for Organizational Success

Make Effective Use of Tech Resources for the 2013 Support Staff Conference by: Scott Shields, Operations Coordinator Computer resources are abundant. The best part... many great resources are FREE! Help you get your message out.
Keep you and your group organized. Data management
Photo Services
Volunteer Sign-Ups
and more! Asana Asana is the shared task list for your team.
The place to plan, organize & stay in sync. Asana myNorthwest Groups Announcements
Message boards
Group & select member emails
Subgroups Survey Monkey Google Docs Documents
Free plan includes 10 questions/survey, 100 responses/survey.
Advanced features start at $17/month or $204/year MySignUp.com & SignUp Genius Create surveys with any kind of question (multiple choice, open ended, ranking, and many more) Uploads contacts and create emails to send to potential survey takers Track survey response. View survey results in statistical and graphical displays Filter responses Survey Monkey Create sign-up forms for:
Work shifts
Volunteer tasks
Who brings which item Collect Information:
Shirt Size
More Download all information to any spreadsheet program. MySignUp.com & SignUp Genius Photo Sites Picasa Shutterfly Free share sites
Photos can be protected from download.
Purchase products including photo books, calendars, mousepads, mugs, etc. with your photos on them. Free online photo storage and share sites
Basic, yet powerful picture editing
Google Product Microsoft Live SkyDrive Blogger 7 GB free online storage Microsoft Office Web Apps Put your newsletters online and share the link!
Save paper!
Track viewer statistics Technically Speaking Information Services Newsletter
Information about the latest technology, tips & tricks, links to sites and services similar to what we have discussed today.
http://blogs.nwmissouri.edu/ISNews Prezi.com This presentation completed and shared online... free of charge! with: MailChimp 1000 subscribers & 6000 emails/month free!
Send professional template based emails to anyone!
Track who has open the email.
Track who has clicked each link you include in the email. Blogs iTunes U
MIT Free Online Classes The catch... No credit. Best in Free Software: Fences Best in Free Software: Paint.NET This title banner was made using
Paint.NET SignUp Genius is probably
the better of the two. Dropbox 2 GB free online storage.
500 MB per referral up to 18GB
Acts like any folder on your computer Shameless Plug: http://northwestnights.shutterfly.com/ Northwest Blogs Many schools have their own blog service? Does yours? Did You Know...? Visibility on newsfeed depends on interactions with your page!.
Make several posts a week.
Use HOOTSUITE to help manage and schedule your posts
Find ways to engage your viewers. The Christmas Decoration Contest Poll: Best interaction rate ever! Why? It opened the door on some friendly smack talk!. Let's Tie The Pieces Together You have the picture managers.
You have the data managers.
You have the resources to post your message.
And a lot more... But... it's all useless if you don't be smart. Remember the PERT Blog? Google Analytics: Technically Speaking Guess when the spikes happened? When we posted a link on the NWRL Facebook page about new content! Google Analytic Free.
Receive a monthly report.
Copy and paste HTML code into your website to use.
A little techy, but not over the top. Your IT professionals can help. The Point Use your resources together.! The Next Level Find someone who is passionate about growing your online presence.
Use bigger a organization's Facebook pages to create links. Ask them to "Like" you. Ask them to post a link to your page.
Learn the features of your software. Survey Monkey has a feature to connect survey takers to any website you decide after you complete the survey. The resources are endless if you can harness the potential. Use Shutterfly to create poster, photo albums, and more. Sell for fundraisers or memorabilia for your organization. The Most Important Tip: Own your message. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Good: Prize winners, upcoming events.
The Bad: Sometimes you get bad comments.
The Ugly: Sometimes comments get out of hand. Sometimes confidential information is shared by unscrupulous readers. You decide the message.
You decide what stays. Looks professional.
Volunteers sign up and the shift is theirs. No follow-up email.
Volunteers can trade shift or un-sign for a shift if they need to. No involvement needed from you. From a former MoCPA Publicity Chair:
http://hackingleadership.ning.com Manage your task by project and priority.
Add attachments to tasks.
Set due dates for tasks.
Assign tasks to team members
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