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Savanah Vacation Package

No description

Hallie Heil

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Savanah Vacation Package

Animals African Elephant Weather during your vacation Temperature ranges from 68-86*F

No rain from December to February

Wet season is from May to September For those who have a little more time on their hands and want to explore and experience the beauty of Africa, than this safari is for you! Come explore with us! Plants The types of plants you may see on your safari will differ as to where you go. Wetter land calls for more lush, green plants. In dryer areas there will just be trees and such. Activities to do in a Savannah During the Safari A 6 day trip would cost $1,700 not including hotel, flights, and food

You will see many differnet animals

You will also see many different areas of the savanna

You can take pictures of the
savanna and the animals you
see Hallie, Cheyenne, & Kari Savannah Vacation Package A Trip to the Savanna Lion African Wild Dog Chacma Baboon Koala Bear Animals you may see on your vacation.......... Kangaroo Paw Gum Tree Eucalyptus Jackalberry Tree River Bushwillow Tree Geographical Information A few cities you can see while traveling here: Vacation is about fun, right? Here are some options for some of the fun things you can do in the Savnnah Watch an elephant crossing at Kruger National Park! Enjoy the views at Central Kalahari Game Reserve! Go on a safari at Masai Mara National Reserve It is usally grassy with a few scatered trees

It covers almost half of africas surface and is also in Australia, South America, and India
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