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Revolutionary History

No description

Mac-Z Zurawski

on 27 April 2017

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Transcript of Revolutionary History

Debatable Government
Two plans were combined to create the present American government system. The Great Compromise to the Constitution is illuminated.
New Jersey Plan
Small state representatives.
Each state would have only 1 vote under unicameral legislature.
Executive could be removed by majority of state governors.
Supreme Court would deal with all laws with final confirmation.
Import taxes be national responsibility.
Supremacy clause in Constitution created from a "central belief national govt" had over all country.

Southern states wanted slaves added as people to be represented in each state to give them more representation under proportional representation.
Three-fifths compromise-5 slaves would count as three people for taxation and representation purposes.
Victory of political expediency over morality.
Since slaves couldn't vote they were only used to give Southern states more power.

Reigning in Branch Power
Electoral College System-more representation from states and rulers.
Originally-two votes-highest votes elected person for president, second highest vice president.
Republican form of government allows people to elect.

Direction Determines Fate
Constitution is multi-directional horizontal and vertical.
Horizontal-Judicial review and writ of habeas corpus.
Vertical-federalism, delegated powers, reserved powers, police powers, devolution.
These directions guide the checks and balances system.
Virginia Plan
Three branches-executive, legislative and judiciary.
Proportional representation.
Bicameral legislature-house elected by people, Senate by House members by state legislature referral.
Executive branch only 1 term.
Council of revision-judges and executive branch overturn national and state legislation.
Six times throughout history Constitution amended to add more people representatives-
15th Amendment-freed slaves, allowed their vote
17th-direct popular vote for Senate
19th-women included in vote
23rd-residents of DC electoral college representation
24th-abolished Poll Tax
26th-18 years old and older given right to vote
Revolutionary History
The Great Compromise of 1787
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