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relationship between Maori and pakehas.

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Monica Hannah

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of relationship between Maori and pakehas.

Relationships between Maori and Pakehas
To Room 12
From Gich Y & Monica
Berkley Normal Middle School
The story cut short...
One day a dutch guy called Abel Tasman came to New Zealand. He was greeted by a Maori warship in the South Island and attacked. He then retreated home.

A few years later, James Cook tried to claim this land for Britain and he landed in the Gisborne area. A fight broke out, and about five Maori people were killed. Later he visited Whitianga and had a happier relationship with the Maori there.
Who were they?
How did this
effect history?
How this affects us
*The Pakeaha were mostly British and European.
*The Maori came from a island they call Hawaiiki. No one today knows where this island was.

* It affects us now because in some schools (like ours) we are learning to appreciate the Maori culture. We are also learning how to speak Maori.
Welcome to ur Prezi
The Story of the
Wait and see
Gich Y Ung: Editor and Decorator.
What the Pakeha did
The history of the relationship between Pakeha and Maori, is an example to other country's of how to treat their native. Because even though they had some fights in the past, New Zealand today still has one of the best relationships between native and settlers.
Monica Lim
Researcher and Writer

What Maori did
What they did ?
What they both did
*The Maori were hunters and gathers. They did a bit of farming. Mostly vegetable gardens where they grew food like kumara.
They settled in New Zealand and started farming here. They brought in seeds and animals (like cows, sheep and goats) from their home country. They also started trading with the Maori and gave them things like guns and clothing in return for land and food.
They also brought diseases that killed off Maori, who's immune system was not used to influenza and typhoid. They also brought in pest that killed many of New Zealand's wildlife.
The Pakeha and Maori fought at the first and second meeting,for example in 1772 a french explorer called: Marian Du Fresne and 13 of his crew were killed by Maori. But the crew got revenge by killing at least 300 Maori and burning down their villages and canoes.
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