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No description

Hannah Bailey

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of hiroshima

THE BOMBING OF HIROSHIMA Do you really think you know a lot about the bombing of Hiroshima?
Well, I suppose we're about to find out with a few short answer questions!. Q. On what date did the bombing of Hiroshima occur? Why? a. The bombing took place on August 6th, 1945 and was fueled by people from the island of Tinian being intimidated by Hiroshima's very large army. The main goal was to eliminiate it's prominent military forces. Q. What was the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima named? What about the second bomb that followed shortly after in Nagaski? a. The two bombs that were dropped on that day were named "Little boy". the one that had been dropped on Hiroshima and 'Fat man,' the one that was shortly after dropped on Nagaski QUESTIONS: ANSWERS: (move boxes for answers) Q. Nearly everyone within 2-3 miles of ground zero died when the bomb hit. What were some causes of such large death tolls, and what were a few illnesses that contributed? a. other than the fact that there had just been a very powerful nuclear bomb had been dropped on the city, there were several causes as to the high death toll. Firestorms breaking out in the city, shattered glass and broken buildings, radiation sickness, and immobilising injuries are just half of the terror that caused the death toll to be raised so high. "little boy" A picture of the explosion
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