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Why do we cook with water...

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Bernhard Kubicek

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Why do we cook with water...

Why do we cook food? warm hungry? make it safe bacteria unwanted pets texture Repeatability known inital condition known heat source Why do we cook with water it fucking boils! at fucking 100°C example: egg Lets stay with chicken... mostly always Outside spicy & smokey inside soft close to surface: stringy, tough Why:
It's overdone outside Good Terrible Awesome Too hot basically Its too hot because we fry but fry tastes well S LUTION Sous Vide Cooking Vacuum sealed stuff spices, salt, pepper Pool with constant temperature Time more time even longer Temperature flows with a speed proportional to the gradient..
Again: Reproduceable Results: remove from poach by Tools: PID-Controller
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