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No description

Dave Card

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of KS2 MEETING

Helping your child at
Behaviour expectations
Restorative school
School values
Power of three - Derwent role models of the school
Curriculum and who's who.
Any questions?
Sharing assemblies
Staynor Hall Community Primary School
Number gym
Chrome books
Medium term planning
Typical day
Who will be teaching my child?
Excellence -
To inspire and instil in others , the desire to be the best we can
Belonging -
To work together as a community, having a unique and valued part to play within the school.
Opportunities -
To give, and be given, the opportunities to grow, flourish and celebrate success.
Building positive relationships is at the heart of all we do

Children will have a daily check in
All children will have hub time - what's said in the hub stays in the hub!
Not using why?
What impact does it have?
What impact does it have?
Expectation - children spend 15 minutes a day
One reading book will be sent home
a week these will be sent home
over the course of the next week
Ask comprehension questions
How well do they understand the text?
We will be launching bug club - an
online reading resource soon and children
will know their passwords.

Good readers become good writers

Weekly spelling lists following a taught pattern
Spelling given on a Friday and tested the following Friday
Children will be given the tools to help them
practice - online resource spellzone
Children will be praised in assemblies and marks sent home in planners.
Number gym
Covers all year groups
Weekly/daily practice
5 minutes at a time
Aim to get lightening
Passwords will be in
their planners
Friday afternoon 2:45-3:15

Children show off everything they have been doing all parents will receive an invite
Speak in full sentences
Any questions?
Solution circles
i.e Can you edit and improve this
Weekly challenge linked to the class
focus of the week

No opt out
Hands up for quiet
High energy
Active listening
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