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Gap Year

English Group Project : Gap Year: The importance of taking a gap year in an english speaking country


on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Gap Year

Double click anywhere & add an idea Gap Year:
- The importance of taking a gap year in an english speaking country Definition A gap year is a period of time that a person takes off between or during their education years It is more popular after graduating from college History: When did it began? The Gap Year began in midst 1960s when Nicholas Maclean-Bristol started "Project Trust" and sent his first three students to Addis Ababa The importance of doing a Gap Year: why should you do it? Doing a Gap Year is important because it will help you mature and be more independent Activities in a Gap Year What can i do? In a Gap Year theres tons of stuff to do and you plan your own activities, some of which are:
Extreme Sports
Bungee jumping
Volunteer work in medicine or ecology
Scuba diving
Learning a language
The possibilities are endless... The importance of doing a Gap Year in an English Speaking Country English Speaking countries are amongst the top popular countries for doing Gap Year and they are important because:
You can learn to speak or develop your English language skills

Make new friends and relashionships

Grow up, mature, become less dependent

Expand your horizons physically and mentally

Bibliography Mckay, Kate; "The Benefits of a Gap Year" (site) citi in URL: http://artofmanliness.com/2009/06/22/the-benefits-of-a-gap-year/ Gonçalves, Emília Maria; Torres, Angelina (2010). "Log in 11". Porto : Areal Editores Books Websites Stillwell; "Gapforce" (site) citi in URL: http://www.gapforce.org/ Best Countries to visit for Gap Year 1 - Australia - best programs 2 - Netherlands - Popular due to high school courses 3 - United Kingdom - Popular Gap Year Projects (without autor); "Gap Year" (site) citi in URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gap_year#Gap_years_by_country Group Work Project made by:
André Silva Nº5
Rodrigo Simões Nº24
Tiago Silveira Nº27
Elton Nº28
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