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Netball Slideshow

No description

Krisha Dave

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Netball Slideshow

By: Krisha Dave

Basic Rules
About Netball
Netball originally developed from the game of basketball.
Netball was first played in England 1895, originally with five or nine players.
In 1998 netball was first played in the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Netball is a sport which is played on a netball court.
It is a team game which requires seven people.
Each player has a different position on the court, some attacking some defending.
This game is all about passing and retrieving the ball, invading the oppositions territory and shooting a goal.
The INF World Rankings (International Netball Federation)
ranked New Zealand first out of 24 other teams.
The Court
This is the netball court. It is separated into three different parts- the centre third, the left goal third and the right goal third. The orange and purple coloured circles resemble the team goals. The circle in the middle is called the centre circle and the two players on opposite sides of the circle are centre players. The semi circle on both of the goal thirds are where the shooting happens. The centre player is allowed in all the thirds except the semi circle. The only players allowed in the semi circle are the players who are playing a position with the letter 'G' on it. Such as the GK, GS, GA and the GD.
There are seven positions on a netball court:

Wing-Attack & Wing Defence=
Can play in only two thirds except the semi circle. WD player tries to intercept passes and stop the opposition scoring. WA player usually plays in the centre third.

Goal Attack & Goal Defence
= Can play in only two thirds and the semi circle. GA player tries to attack and shoot the goal, this player is one of the two shooters. GD tries to defend the goal and bring the ball to the centre third.

Goal Keeper & Goal Shooter
= Can play in only two thirds and the semi circle, GK player tries to intercept and snatch the ball from the opposition. GS player has to be very good at shooting- whenever they get a chance they shoot.

= Can play everywhere except the semi circle, this player helps move the ball from one third to another.
Players are

not allowed to dribble or run with the ball.
Each player has to stand 1m away from the player with the ball.
Players have a

maximum 3 seconds between catching and passing
the ball.
To gain control of the ball a player cannot bat or bounce the ball.
A player

cannot pass the ball to another player within 1m.
Each player is only allowed in certain areas of the court,

if you cross your boundries you are automaticlly 'offside'.
If the ball is thrown off court the opposition will throw the ball back in the game

from where the ball was thrown out.
When playing netball girls wear proper clothing. This is so they can run, shoot and pass perfectly. Below we have a netball outfit for girls. The outfit is a shirt and a skirt, below the skirt there are short pants attached as well. . Usually netball outfits have the team colours or design on it, so that the opposition recognize which team they are from.
Below we have the male outfit. Not many boys play netball, it is more of a girl 's sport. There are about seven men netball teams in the world. The outfit on the bottom is a t-shirt and shorts. Men don't have fancy designs on their clothing like girls, the top and bottom are usually two solid colours.



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