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zeus rangel

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Group members: Miranda Sanchez, Zeus Rangel,
Jeremiah Jefferson, and Zander Yancy. ( Ex: coal, Petroleum, and Natural Gas. Good afternoon Mrs.Casino's
5th period class, today my group will be presenting our P.B.L project we hope you enjoy. In this P.B.L we will attempt
to change the minds of Chinese
legislators to stop using nonrenewable resources The Economical costs of
nonrenewable resources: To start off with, nonrenewable resources such as coal
are highly expensive once it has been transported to a new location various times, because now if your going to ship these things off they charge you, Plus some coal
and mining industries are owned by others so you can only spend so much money, also some area's restrict other areas from passing so thats a major disadvantage. Environmental damage
Nonrenewable resources can cause: First off everyone should know that Nonrenewable resources kill living organisms. one of these nonrenewable resources that kill is oil. a few years ago there was an oil spill that killed many fish and birds. in the Gulf Of Mexico. Pollution Increase over the years: According to the NOAA, the concentration of
CO2, or Carbon Dioxide which is in our Atmosphere,
has grown by 30ppm.
(ppm: parts per million.) and has grown more than 25%. how pollution has negatively affected us: we will show it to you in this short film. Comparing nonrenewable to
Renewable: Nonrenewable: Kills hundreds of living organisms,
hurts the environment, has severe economical costs
and is highly expensive at times, And lastly nonrenewable resources are a huge factor to cause
Global Warming. Advantages to renewable resources: Renewable resources: More eco-friendly,
doesn't harm the environment, produces energy in more efficient ways, and lastly
it does not pollute. Disadvantages to renewable resources: everyone knows there is alternative
resources, such as hydroelectric, solar energy, geothermal, and wind power.
sometimes if you have solar panels it's not always sunny so you won't receive all energy necessary for energy to come but if you have all types of alternatives your more likely to get energy. before we leave we want to thank
google for their images. hope you enjoyed ' our prezi, bye. the reason why i concern China and the U.S is because we are the most polluted areas.if we don't do anything right now all of those chemicals could get into the air causing global warming, making icebergs melt and making the earth have more water than necessary, if this keeps up, lands close to oceans, and other bodies of water will drown in the water, making less land available to man kind, we also have to think about the future, if it keeps up could it possibly mean MORE land will drown making it harder for us to live and endure everything? If this keeps up we might have to execute newborns like they do in China if you have more than 2 children due to population.
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