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Message in a Bottle

No description

Cristina Mora

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Message in a Bottle

Book Report
- Boston
- New England
- Cape Cod
- North Carolina
- Wilmington
- Garret Scuba Diving Shop

- Summer
- 1997

Conflict & Resolution
1. Theresa doesn't believe in love anymore.
2. Garret still fells depressed about Catherine's dead.
1. Theresa is very desperate because she can not find Garret.
2. Garret and Theresa are sad because they live very far away and they probably can't see too much.

The genre of the story is
realistic fiction
because the people, events can happen and the settings already exist except the scuba diving shop.
Message in a Bottle
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Year of Publication: 1998
Pages: 370

Main Characters:
Theresa Osborne
Physical Traits
a) Dark hair
b) Long legs
c) 36 year old
Personal Traits
a) Confident
b) In love w/ Garret
c) Determined
Garret Blake
Physical Traits
a) Muscles
b) Tall
c) Tan face
Personal Traits
a) Sincere
b) In love w/ Theresa
c) Separate
Secondary Characters:
- Catherine
- Deanna
- Brian
- Kevin Osborne
- David Osborne
- Jeb Blake
- Ian
Plot Events
Exposition: Theresa Osborne a single mother goes to Wilmington to find Garret (love).
Rising Action:Theresa founds Garret on the docks.
Climax: Theresa and Garret fell in love but they live very far away.
Falling Action: They started thinking about visiting each other or finish their relationship.
Resolution: Theresa and Garret will be visiting each other once or twice a month.

Theresa founds Garret and they fell in love
. They started thinking about seeing each
other once or twice a month. Theresa visits Garret a few weeks later she left because
is still summer but this time she comes
with Kevin.
The theme of the story is that you never need to give up still how good or bad is the situation.
The mood of the story is warm and lovely because the story was romantic, dramatic and happy.
- "True love is rare, and it's the only
thing that gives life real meaning."
- "As a girl, she had come to believe in the
ideal man -- the prince or knight of her
childhood stories. In the real world,
however, men like that simply didn't exist."
- "Love is Love no matter old you are, and
I knew if I gave you enough time, you'd
come back to me."
The narrator writes as a 3rd person.
- He knows what is happening.
- What are the persons are thinking.
-He doen't use I or My
but he use She, He and They.
I hear a car with an idling motor because it was a very old.


The ship sag after hitting with an iceberg.

I like to go to beach at dusk because is not to hot and there are not a lot of people .


After falling of the stairs my knee ache.

After playing one hour on the monkey bars I had a lot of calluses.
For me the book was very interesting. It had a lot of explanations, it explains very well the details. Its very romantic and I like it very much. I like how Theresa worked to find Garret and how Deanna helped her. In that story there truly good friends like the one I have.
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