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Braz Tesol 2014

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Louise Potter

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Braz Tesol 2014

Considering that most of our students live , work or study in Brazil, where do they mostly hear the English Language?
Why should these activities be part of our classes?
Dallas Buyers Club
Matthew McConaughey.
In 1985 Dallas, electrician and hustler Ron Woodroof works around the system to help AIDS patients get the medication they need after he is himself diagnosed with the disease.
The wolf from Wall Street - Jonah Hill.
Film directed by Martin Scorsese, based on Jordan Belfort's memoir of the same name. It was released on December 25, 2013.
When I was your man - Bruno Mars
We can´t stop - Miley Cyrus
Follow your arrow - Kacey Musgraves
Daniel Levitin (professor of psychology at McGill University, Canada).

"Human mind acquires new knowledge more quickly when it is presented in the form of a song with a rhythm."

Using music to aid language learning is no news.....but.....
The same goes for videos and games.
Must be appropriate
Promote a relaxed atmosphere
Can be used as a social- emotional aid
Encourage students to share songs, videos and games
promote discussions;
offer a change in the classroom routine;
allow space for creativity and imagination;
provide authentic language;
present different accents and expressions;
foster critical thinking;
allow students to perceive their own culture;
develop strategies;
Arranged linearly;
Use syntactic rules;
Sequence of notes;
Arranged with a purpose of expressing an idea;
Processed neurologically;
Music X Language
Planning the activities
clear objective

song, excerpt of movie, game
Before you begin your planning
During your planning
different activities taking into consideration the multiple intelligences
have clear objective
activate previous knowledge
After your planning
Prepare activities for after listening/viewing/playing.
Planning the activities


Conducting the activities

The Tourist

Before viewing

1. Do you like visiting places?
2. What kind of places do you like visiting?
3. What kind of transportation do you
usually use on your trips?
4. Which is your favorite?
5. Are you afraid of using any kind of
transportation? Why?

Activating previous knowledge
Making inferences about the title
Making trivia questions
I. Answer the following questions after watching the trailer.
1. What are the actor’s and actress’ real names?
2. What are their names in the film?
3. What kind of movie do you think it is?
4. Where do the characters meet?
5. Where does the story take place?
6. What kind of transportation can you see in the trailer?
7.How does the woman introduce the man at the hotel?


Listening comprehension activities

Everyday expressions
True or false
Unscrambling words and sentences
Completing sentences
Classifying words and sentences
Speaking activities

Creating dialogues for the scenes presented (no sound)
Divide into two groups, turn sound off, one group watches the scenes and explain to the other group what they see.
Questions and answers.
With sound and no scene.
Reading activities

Using subtitles (with or without the sound)
Using the script.
Reading the book the movie is based on.

Writing activities

Writing interesting facts or personal opinions
Writing a script
Writing a dialogue
Preparing questions and answers
II. Complete the dialogue that Frank has on the phone with the hotel receptionist.

Frank: Hello._____________. There are two men trying to break down __________.
Receptionist: ___________ of problem do you have with the door, sir?
Frank: No, no, there are two men with guns trying to break in. I’ve got to go.
III. What are the meanings of these expressions?
1. Break down _______________________________________
2. Break into _______________________________________

IV. Make up two sentences using the expressions above.

After Viewing

I .Classify the following words in the columns below.

Speed boat airplane scooter gondola bike car
helicopter ship hovercraft subway train truck motorbike zeppelin hot air balloon bus

After viewing

Recall Trivia
Expand vocabulary
Watch film at home to discuss
Creative writing

What have you learned from your past teaching experiences?
During viewing
Today we have the extra help from technology.........let´s use it
Dear Mr. President

1.Research on the Internet. Write a list of things that are the President’s role as chief of state.

2. In your opinion do you think our president is fulfilling his/her role?

3. If you were president of Brazil which would be your first actions?

Before Listening
1. Listen to the second and third stanzas. What
questions does Pink ask the President? List six.

2. Listen to the song and check True (T) or False (F)
a) Pink asks the President:

( ) if he is proud.
( ) if he is lonely.
( ) If he has a wife.
( ) how he can take his daughter’s rights away.

3. Check the things Pink defines as hard work.

( ) Minimum wage with a baby on the way.
( ) Working all day.
( ) Rebuilding your house after the bombs took them away.
( ) Working with your gay daughter.
( ) Building a bed out of a cardboard box.
( ) Working selling cocaine.

1. Talk to a friend. Write down the name of the
President of the following countries. If you don’t
know, research on the net.
United States:

After listening
2. Discuss with a colleague what you would ask
the President if you had an interview with him.

Since “dual coding” has been proven to enhance encoding by learners, videos have a combination of visual and aural information.

Master the task
Win the game
Achieve the intended linguistic outcomes the game is designed to address
Have fun
ESL games are an excellent way to tap into the many different intelligences that exist in the ESL classroom.
What other advantages are there of using videos in the classroom?
Watching video is a passive activity

Dual-coding theory, a theory of cognition, was hypothesized by Allan Paivio
The ability to code a stimulus two different ways increases the chance of remembering that item compared to if the stimulus was only coded one way.
It needs to be used as part of an active learning strategy in order to be an effective tool, particularly in holding the attention of students (Houston, 2000; Sherman, 2004).
Why use games?
Games add interest to what students might not find very interesting. Sustaining interest can mean sustaining effort (Thiagarajan, 1999; Wright, Betteridge, & Buckby, 2005).
The emotions aroused when playing games add variety to the sometimes dry, serious process of language instruction ((Bransford, Brown, & Cocking, 2000) Ersoz, 2000; Lee, 1995).
Games can involve all the basic language skills, i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and a number of skills are often involved in the same game (Lee, 1995).
Games are student-centered
The team aspect of many games can encourage cooperation and build team spirit (Ersoz, 2000).
In games...people take turns...everyone gets a chance to speak
What are the student´s objectives?
By playing games, students need to obey rules, deal with conflicts and therefore are stimulated to have individual initiative.
Different games can be thought for classroom planning : accountability, evaluation, input,
re planning, vocabulary review or build up and
many others.
Tongue twisters
In order for our global society to develop solutions to pressing problems in an increasingly technology-driven and constantly changing world, we need to re-train our workforce to do what machines can’t: to be enterprising, independent and strategic thinkers—to be purposeful creators.

( adapted from www.forbes.com)
“Every child has the right to play, not only because it is fun, but because it is critical to their education and healthy development (
Johann Olav Koss
"We are educating people out of their creativity," Ken Robinson says.
part of our student´s daily live

change of routine
authentic language
develop student´s critical thinking
recent issues
different pronunciations

Louise Potter
Ligia Lederman

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