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The North West Company

This Prezi is about the North West Company.

Sam Oshry

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of The North West Company

North West Company(NWC)
How The NWC Started
In the early 1780s the NWC was made by Montreal buisnessmen. Those buisnessmen were , Isaac Todd, the Frobishers and James McGill. These men created the NWC to compete with HBC(Hudson Bay Company). The NWC was a BIG part of the fur trade.
This Picture Is Of NWC's Logo!
Why NWC Started And Why It Ended
The NWC was made by Isaac Todd, the Frobishers and James McGill. These men made the company for rivalry reasons. So, in other words they made the company to compete with HBC. Later on, there was a giant and intense rivalry between these two amazing companies. This continued from the 1780's to 1821. In 1821, the government combined this two amazing companies for unknown reasons. I think the government combined these two companies because, the competition was getting out of hand or it would be better for NWC and HBC(and look now, HBC is still a company so it must of been a good decision).
Difference Between NWC and HBC
The difference between NWC and HBC is that NWC would hire men called voyageurs and they would load supplies into their canoes in groups of around 3-12 people all in one huge canoe! The goal of this was to get to the First Nations before they took their furs to a HBC trading post. The HBC would hire men called coureur des bois and they did the same. The HBC also and a lot of big traded post but NWC, had very few and small trading posts. Voyageurs means "traveler" in french and cour des bois is a french term that means "runners of the woods".
By: Sam Oshry
WOW! That's some
good writing!
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