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Cobra Event

No description

Dylan Murray

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Cobra Event

Subway Platform
Kate Moran
Kate Moran Wednesday, April 22
New York City
Unexplained Death
New York High School student, Kate Moran died during her art class. She started bleeding from the mouth and biting her own lips. When comparing her death to that of Harmonica Man's the two are remarkably similar.
With the help of Glen Dudley and Ben Kly Alice Austen performed the autopsy of Kate Moran. Inside of Kate's mouth the examiners found blood blisters, as well as in the eyes and nasopharynx. The kidneys showed yellow streaking, and the brain showed fatal brain swelling. Also in the brain there were tiny crystals inside of the cells.
Saturday, May 2
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Another Mystery Death
Penelope Zecker
Alice Austen calls all of the surrounding hospitals to see if there are any recent deaths similar to that of Kate's or Harmonica Man's. Her efforts seem fruitless until she finds that Penelope Zecker died Tuesday the same agonizing death as the previous cases. Austen decides to visit the Zecker residence to try to gain more background information on Penelope.
Cobra Event
Harmonica Man
A homeless man by the name of "Harmonica Man" died on a New York Subway platform. He died in a gruesome agonizing way. He lost control of his own actions and began eating his own hands and mouth. When he died his muscled tensed arcing his back into the shape of a "C".
Alice Austen, Epidemic Intelligence Service Agent for the C.D.C. She is sent to New York to try and understand what has caused these unexplained deaths by examining the autopsies. Though Austen is not used to performing autopsies she is up to the challenge.
Another One Bites the Dust
While searching old subway tunnels trying to find Harmonica Man's home to figure out how he died Kly and Austen find the body of Lem, a former friend of Harmonica Man. Lem seems to have died of the same thing as all of the other cases. Next to Lem there was a bag of Harmonica Man's things assumed to be only clothes but not inspected right away.
Deceased Art Teacher
Peter Talides
Peter Talides, Kate Moran's art teacher, was in close contact with Kate at the time of her death. He had recently been suffering from severe headaches and a cold. He died from falling off the subway platform after he experienced the same symptoms as all of the other cases.
Alice Austen finds one of the virus distribution boxes, which have fake jumping cobras, while looking through Kate Moran's belongings. An identical box is found Harmonica Man's belongings. This confirms that this is an act of biological warfare and that the government is needed to end this act of terrorism.
Dudley Murders Kly
Morgue Assistant Murdered
Glen Dudley who had been recently infected by the virus is now starting to experience symptoms of brain damage by trying to kill Alice Austen. Ben Kly creates a diversion and gets Dudley to go for him allowing Austen to escape. Dudley catches Kly and slices his throat with the autopsy knife killing Kly. Afterward in Dudley's demise he cuts the skin on his forehead and begins eating it.
The Search Continues
The search for the source of this act of terrorism continues. A possible suspect has been identified, his name is Thomas Cope. Cope is said to be of average height, pale skin, thinning hair, and wears glasses. Please report to the police if you see anybody matching this description.
Bio- Vek Friday, May 1
Names Leaked in F.B.I. Seizure
Friday, May 1
F.B.I. Discontinued
Saturday, April 18
Thursday, April 23
Friday, April 24
Friday, April 24
Saturday, April 25
Saturday, April 25
Saturday, April 25
Another case of Cobra
Tanaka Goes Down
Suzanne Tanaka, Chief Biologist of the Reachdeep operation, fell victim to Cobra. She has not died but is being held in quarantine. Multiple drugs are being used on her to try and slow the work of this awful disease. Tanaka was bit by a test mouse that was injected with the Cobra virus.
Wednesday, April 29
Another Mystery Death
Hector Ramirez
Five-year-old Hector Ramirez was beginning to experience symptoms of the harsh Cobra virus. Ramirez was flown to the Reachdeep HQ by helicopter so the team could study the effects of Cobra. His family members that were in close contact were placed in quarantine to stop the spread of the virus.
Thursday, April 30
Austen's Epiphany
While pondering the virus Austen realized that the Cobra virus contains the code for Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. This syndrome is what causes the victims of Cobra to have harsh seizures and eat there own body. Austen decides to look further into the disease and would like to find people who suffer from the disease.
Thursday, April 30
Possible Source of the Virus
Suspicious Biology Lab
Will Hopkins finds above images of a biology lab that has vents on the roof with filters that are rated for hot zone level four. The name of the company is Bio-Vek, Hopkins and Austen plan to have an interview with the head doctor, Dr. Heyert. During the interview Mark Littleberry will look around and try to find the hot zone within the lab.
Friday, May 1
Watching Heyert
After a successful mission by Littleberry the F.B.I. places a tight surveillance on Bio-Vek. The F.B.I. is watching to see if Dr. Heyert tries to destroy any of the evidence that Littleberry found on his expedition. If they see any sign of destruction the F.B.I. will rush in and seize the operation.
Friday, May 1
Other Acts of Bioterrorism
The city of Caffa was bombarded by the Tartars catapulting dead bodies infected with plague into the city. At the end of a 3 day siege the Tartars wanted to spread the disease to their enemies. During this time period there was almost no defense against the awful disease.
North America
Colonial America
When the British were trying to settle in the Americas the Native Americans were not willing to give up their land. In response to this the British gave blankets infected with small pox to the Native Americans in an effort to weaken the population. Trying to make peace with the British the Indians accepted the gift to show a bond between the two peoples.
Many people believe that the British gave their loyalists in the New World small pox so it could possibly be transferred to the US Continental Army. This was not proven to be true but it most likely did occur. This harsh strategy only worked in one circumstance.
Germany sent Anton Dilger to the United States to try and infect horses with Glanders before they were shipped to England. He targeted ship workers in Baltimore. He bribed the workers to infect the horses and the horses were sent to England although there were very small affects from the disease.
Quxian & Ning-hsien
Japan infected fleas with plague and let them go into two large Chinese cities. Japan also detonated 731 bombs within the two cities, each contained millions of plague infected fleas. This act of terrorism killed 120 people and the food and water supplies of Quxian & Ning-hsien were contaminated with B. anthracis, V. Cholera, Shigella spp., Salmonella and Yersinia pestis.

1930's and 1940's
A ricin-filled pellet was used in 1978 to assassinate Bulgarian dissident writer, Georgi Markov. Markov was not liked by the Bulgarian government who gave an umbrella gun to the Bulgarian secret police who then shot the poisonous bullet into the leg of Markov. Ricin is a naturally occurring toxin in the castor oil plant, a dose the size of a few grains of salt can kill an adult human.
The Dalles
An Indian religious cult in Oregon wanted to gain control of the county by killing everyone within it. The cult poisoned salad bars in the county with salmonella typhimanice. A total 751 cases were reported and 45 people were hospitalized with the sickness. The act of terrorism would have gone unnoticed until some of the members told the public about the attack after the cult fell apart.
Aum Shinrikyo
A radical Doomsday group tried to create their own theocratic state. To do this they tried to kill off a good portion of the population by using an aerosol form of anthrax, botulin toxin, Q fever agent and Ebola virus. There were ten attempts to distribute the biological weapons, thankfully none of them worked.
While the source or motive is unknown donuts and muffins were purposely contaminated with cultures of Shigella Dysenteriaea. 45 laboratory workers developed gastroenteritis after eating the donuts and muffins. The bacteria used to contaminate the foods was cultured inside the lab where the food was contaminated.
One week after the attacks on 9/11 there were multiple letters containing anthrax spores sent to news media offices and two senators. There were a total of 23 cases and 5 deaths. The source of these letters are still unknown.
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