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Khan Academy

No description

Craig Viant

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Khan Academy

Foundation Emerging Perspectives Communication Constitutes Organization Salman Khan "Flipping the Classroom" What is Khan Academy? 1. Consult Knowledge Map for Topic
2. Watch Videos on Topic
3. Complete Lesson Quiz
* Can be Monitored by Classroom Teacher
4. Ask Teacher Questions Khan Academy all about challenging the status quo
breaking stereotypes
FREE education for EVERYONE
technology driven = superior interactivity
learning based on real understanding of materials presented
not based on ability to take tests
students allowed to learn and discover interests on their own time
no more rigid (boring) classroom structure
(no offense) brought to you by Emerging Perspectives Charlie Rose Show - PBS - 2/26/2013 Who is Khan Academy? Founded in 2006
4,000 Online Lessons
Math, Science, Computer Science, Humanities, etc.
6 Million Students a Month
Available in 27 Languages
Non-Profit 37 Employees
Volunteers Globally

Salman Khan
Founder/Executive Director

Job Titles:
Software Engineer, Lead Exercise Developer, Designer, Medical Fellow Student Workflow: A Humble Start Tutoring cousin Nadia in 2004
With much success, more family tutoring
Now has 6 million students per month

Incorporated as non-profit in 2008
Began developing Khan full time in 2009
Quit hedge fund analyst career
Used life-savings to fund Khan Finally Finances Ann/John Doerr $100k donation
Strong support from Bill Gates $1.5 million
Winner of Google's Project 10^100 for $2 million

Now financially stable for the foreseeable future Reversal of traditional teaching methods
Lectures assigned as homework
Problems done in class
Pilot schools worldwide already working with Khan Academy Old and Busted Traditional Educational Model wake up at 6, school at 8
go to class
fall asleep
go to favorite class!!
tuned in, hanging on every word
and so on.....
(based on personal experience) What can we change to turn kids back on to learning? Change the game. The New Hotness Current Model:
communication serves to inform (functional perspective) rules, regulations, curriculum
clear chain of command: school board, principle, vice principle, teacher
rigid lesson plans; "This is what you are learning today. You have no choice."

Khan Academy:
transparent communication which helps create the culture and identity of the organization
loosely structured hierarchy of command; hybrid
students choose topics they're interested in at their own pace Lesson Plans Students Provide Feedback Educators Adapt Lesson Plan Developers Improve Lesson Plans It's the Circle of Communication Hakuna Matata
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