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Mobile learning with bring-your-own-device at George Spencer Academy

This presentation summarises why the school operates a BYOD policy and where it fits in the school's future. Also included are some warning from failed 1:1 tablet rollout schemes.

Mr P Hynes

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Mobile learning with bring-your-own-device at George Spencer Academy

Paul Hynes
Vice Principal, George Spencer Academy, Nottingham
Twitter: @thebuffetking

Presentation available at http://bit.ly/BYODatGSA
BYOD - the solution to mobile learning

The current technology offerings?

Tablet? - which one?
Future devices?

The tablet/laptop/ultrabook mutation?
The 'phablet' big screen mobile phone
The rise of the Chromebook
The hidden realities of well-publicised iPad rollouts


Personalise v lockdown
Updates - software and apps
App creation
Personalisation - all the same device?
Logisitics - linking to displays, printing, wireless...
Saving and sharing your work?
Damage and replacement
What are the REAL admin costs?
Q. Where are the improved learning outcomes?
A. They are not there yet - although there are some interesting isolated stories

We have no spare cash to spend on unproven technology
How we approach eSafety

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is nice

The students access more scary stuff outside school
...(and by by-passing our school web filters)
It starts with education
We need to prepare students for (and replicate) the workplace

We want to help students understand and manage their own risks
Our current position
Students can bring in any device they want
They can connect to free, filtered wireless with no password
Teachers are the boss
Teachers can exploit the devices as they see fit
Staff and students are currently exploring uses
We are all currently understanding classroom management
Tablet trial - 8 models across staff and digital leaders
Why is this our choice?
How long will the apps fad last?
2 types of app
Standalone small pieces of software
Software that pulls data from the Internet

Apps are limited by their size and their power
Why limit yourself to one type of device when the world wide web is universal?
Will 'apps' become shortcuts to web tools?
School case study, Kent
1200 iPads issued to students
489 iPads needed replacing within 1 year
This is before the insurance company supplies a newer device!

Insurance premium approx. £15K
Replacing 489 iPads approx. £200K
Will insurance companies carry on doing this?
Everyone's premiums will rise as a result
Why did you choose iPads?

"The head of IT loves Apple"

"We want them to last longer"

"We wanted the best value for money"

"Are there any others?"
iPad or Google
Nexus 10
Options for 1:1 access
Parents pay (and insure)?
Pupil premium?
School offers a leasing scheme?
School recommends a leasing scheme?
e-Learning Foundation
School pays - actually justifiable!
What devices have they got?
Do a survey
Your Own Technology Survey
Don't get slower over time
Require wireless Internet access
Seconds to logon
Immediate access to all Google Drive files etc.
1:1 schemes
Personalise the offer - how to engage the parents that say...
We don't want one
They spend too much time looking at a screen already
We support the idea but don't want to pay
We cannot afford it
We cannot afford it and are not FSM
Education should be free for everyone
We would choose to pay but don't like feeling forced to pay
My child already has a better tablet at home
My child already has a different device at home they could use
Why Apple? Why not Microsoft? Why not Android?
Can they bring in my old one?
You must get this right!
Your home-school relationship is at stake!
Discussion 1: What do you currently do?
How far is technology use embedded in your classrooms?
Experiences of devices - laptops, tablets, chromebooks?
Discussion 2:
Favourite educational apps?
Website alternatives?
Discussion 3:
Any experiences of mass rollouts?

Where we are now...

Our staff are getting confident with the web tools
See http://bit.ly/PHNewTechs5
Our Student Digital Leaders are helping them
Our staff need 10 no-brainer uses that impact learning

Our staff need to be confident in their own use of devices
Our staff need to be confident with classroom management
Our staff need to separate bad behaviour from device use

Our staff need to be able to defend the usage of devices

DISCUSSION 4: What CPD models work for you?
Keep the ideas fresh
...and shared
Cloud storage and online applications
Simple ideas are often most effective
Keep the focus on learning
...and evidencing progress
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