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The Illustrated Man

No description

Karen Yost

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Illustrated Man

The Illustrated Man By Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury
-Starting Off
-Books The Veldt
-Taking Away Kaleidoscope
-SPace &Astronauts
-Shooting Star The Other Foot
-Segergation Mars
-Back For Help THe Highway
-Highway Mexico
-Nuclear WAr The Man
-Believing is Rewaring The Long Rain
-Sun Dome
-Quitting The Rocket Man
-Home or Space
-All Comes To An End The Fire Balloons
-Missionaries Mars
_Sphere Blue Martians
-Uncapable of Sin The Last Night OF the World
-Last Day Until Earth is Gone
-Normal Routines The Visitor
-Greed NO Particular Night or Morning
_Jump Into SPace The Fox And The Forest
-Time Travel
-Dodge Draft
-Deal The Exciles
-Books Characters, Authors, Settings
-Destroying BOoks, Destroying Creations and Creators The Concrete Mixer
-Martian Invasion
-Movie Career
-DIdn't Make It Back Marionettes Inc.
-Robots look like Humans and Feel Like Humans
-Problems with Robots that can Feel The City
-Revenge Zero Hour
-CHild Game "Invasion"
-Game Gets REal The Rocket
-Poor Father
-One to SPace
-Makes All Dreams Come True
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