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Multiple Intelligences Inventory

This is a multiple intelligence inventory made specifically for 6-12 students with pictures and more user-friendly language for students and teachers.

Varaia Roshon

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of Multiple Intelligences Inventory

Multiple Inteligences ABC Teens playing basketball
Gabriella Fabbri
http://www.examiner.com/x-27325-Toronto-Teen-Parenting-Examiner~y2009m11d17-Toronto-basketball-program-keeps-kids-off-street 1,2,3 Can't help it if we're smart. © 2007 Derek Sivers ©0093 The Naturalist
http://www.strengthinperspective.com/mpart/mpgal7/mpgal7.html ____I enjoy organizing things.

____Environmental issues are important to me.

____I like camping, hunting, or hiking.

____I enjoy working or playing outdoors.

____I believe in saving our forests or natural resources.

____Putting things in order makes sense to me.

____I like or take care of animals.

____I remember to recycle.

____I enjoy studying plants and animals.

____I spend a great deal of time outdoors.
1. NATURALISTIC ___/10 2. MUSICAL ____I easily see or learn patterns.

____I pay attention to noise and sounds.

____Moving to a beat is easy for me.

____I like to play music or sing.

____I like the rhythm and speed of poetry or stories.

____I remember things by putting them in a rhyme or song.

____I get distracted if there is music playing or the TV is on while I'm working.

____I enjoy many kinds of music.

____ I like watching shows with dancing and music more than other shows.

____I can remember words to songs very easily.
___/10 ____I keep my things neat and orderly.

____Step-by-step directions are a big help.

____Solving problems are easy for me.

____I get bothered by people who are messy and unorganized.

____I can do multiplication or division quickly in my head.

____I enjoy solving puzzles and brain-teasers.

____I can’t begin an assignment until all my questions are answered.

____ I like it when my teacher shows us the schedule.

____I like to use planners to keep track of homework assignments.

____Things have to make sense to me or I get frustrated.

3. LOGICAL ___/10 4. EXISTENTIAL ____It is important to see my role in the “big picture” of things.

____I enjoy discussing questions about life.

____Religion or culture is important to me.

____I enjoy viewing art masterpieces.

____Relaxation and meditation exercises are rewarding.

____I like visiting breathtaking sites in nature.

____I enjoy reading older classic books.

____Learning new things is easier when I understand their importance.

____I wonder if humans are not alone in the universe.

____I like studying history and ancient culture.
___/10 5. INTERPERSONAL ____I learn best working with others.

____“The more the merrier”

____Study groups are very productive for me.

____I enjoy chat rooms, twitter or facebook.

____I like politics.

____Television and radio talk shows are enjoyable.

____I am a “team player”.

____I dislike working alone.

____Clubs and extracurricular activities are fun.

____I pay attention to social issues and causes.

me, myself, I Nature Person People Person ___/10 6. KINESTHETIC Play and Do ____I enjoy making things with my hands.

____Sitting still for long periods of time is difficult for me.

____I enjoy outdoor games and sports.

____I value non-verbal communication such as sign language.

____A fit body is important for a fit mind.

____ I enjoy doing arts or crafts.

____I love to dance or enjoy watching dancers.

____I like working with tools.

____I live an active lifestyle.

____I learn by doing.

___/10 ____I enjoy reading all kinds of materials.

____Taking notes helps me remember and understand.

____I routinely contact friends through phone calls, e-mail or chatting.

____It is easy for me to explain my ideas to others.

____I keep a journal or blog daily.

____Word puzzles like crosswords and jumbles are fun.

____I write for pleasure.

____I enjoy playing with words like puns.

____Different languages interest me.

____Debates and public speaking are activities I like to participate in.

7. VERBAL Madam I'm Adam. Hola! ___/10 ____I am keenly aware of my moral beliefs.

____I learn best when I have an emotional attachment to the subject.

____Fairness is important to me.

____My attitude effects how I learn.

____Social justice issues concern me.

____Working alone can be just as productive as working in a group.

____I need to know why I should do something before I agree to do it.

____When I believe in something I will give 100% effort to it.

____I like to be involved in causes that help others.

____I am willing to protest or sign a petition to right a wrong

8. INTRAPERSONAL Words and Talking ___/10 ____I can imagine ideas in my mind.

____Rearranging a room is fun for me.

____I enjoy creating art.

____I remember well using graphic organizers.

____I like acting or performing on stage.

____Spreadsheets are great for making charts, graphs and tables.

____Three-dimensional puzzles bring me much enjoyment.

____Music videos are very entertaining.

____I can recall things in mental pictures.

____I am good at reading maps, atlases and blueprints.

Find your three highest scores.
What are you most?
Are you a squiggle?
Are you a triangle?
Are you a circle?
Are you a combo?
Everyone has all the intelligences.
You can learn other intelligences.
Your intelligences change. There are nine sections with 10 questions each.
Keep track of your scores.
Each section is out of 10 points. Put a hash mark for every statement that you agree with. If you don't agree, leave it blank. Count up your hashmarks. HERE WE GO! Works Cited
Multiple Intelligences (M.I.) Inventory
© 1999 Walter McKenzie (http://surfaquarium.com/MI/index.htm)
Number your page from 1 to 9 1,2,3 5,6,7 4,8,9
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