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Caring for the Pain

No description

Amber garcia

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Caring for the Pain

Caring before for the Pain
Helping the Vulnerable Voices
Helping the Vulnerable voices
Carol Gilligan & Ruth E. Groenhout
more government intervention Domestic violence
Privacy is protected under the Bill of Rights; it is the 4th amendment
more government intervention Domestic violence
Spilling into the Workplace
Domestic Violence has no boundaries
Preventing Domestic violence
More government intervention on domestic violence cases
Getting all business to obtain domestic violence policies
The Keys to stopping domestic violence
understanding one's inner voice
Aim at making the vulnerable voice
"assertive" (Gilligan 61)
Kristin A. Kelly
"good victim"
the object of criticism and blame
John Stuart Mills believes families should cope with disagreements (class hondout)
Locke believes parents should stay
together until the child is an adult (Kelly 6)
Nether philosophies help the prevention of domestic violence
"manipulating other causes damage to oneself" (Groenhout 153)
Types of abuse in the workplace:
Phone/email stalking
physical appearances
harm of reputation

Why Should Business care?
worker productivity declines
An Abuser willing to appear in the work place
increase the risk of a conflict happening.
employee need a safe enviornment to
produce work
fix it
I think a “primary reason that people fail to report incident of domestic violence is a belief that what happened is a private matter"(Kelly 3) However, American society holds philosophies on privacy by Mill's and Locke highly, it does not help with issues of domestic violence, Therefore, by halting utilitarian and enlightenment era bias of family norms dealing with privacy in society, families will be given a better opportunities to grow in a safe environment away from domestic abuse.
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