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Executive Search Resource Group

MGMT 461


on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Executive Search Resource Group

Database 1) Current usage and efficiency of database

2)Other database options and solutions Current Database Developed in 2005
Technological concerns
Limited speed and functionality
Time consuming tasks
Look and functionality outdated External User (Client Access) Pros Cons Transparency & Accountability - Allows clients to see ESRG's extensive database

Sales and Functionality - Clients ability to search for candidates may be appealing and helpful. Perfection Required - Transparency has to be maintained.

Cost prohibitive (Per user costs in many systems)

Clients may not want/need database access. New Database Considerations COST CUSTOMIZATION DATA MIGRATION TERMS OF USE ACCESSIBILITY EASE OF USE System Support Introduction Fortune 500 International Executive Search Firms Healthcare Reform Recommendations Introduction Matthew Abell - Marco Albertini - Robert Curtis - Brandon Kaskowitz - Eileen Lara - Nathaniel Miles 1) SWOT & Service Development
2) Competitive Analysis
3) Marketing
4) Operations
5) Database and Website
6) Financials + Accounting Financial + Accounting Current State QuickBooks Financial Statement Recommendations SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities/Threats Client Surveys Database Continue to gain knowledge and network within your industry
Maintain current pricing model
Open a subsidiary company Competitive Analysis Healthcare Reform Industry/Market Demand United Health Group Well Point Humana Aetna Cigna Coventry Healthcare Health Net Amerigroup Well Care Health Plans Centene Molina Healthcare Marketing Current Status: Marketing materials
Website Marketing New design
USB Marketing
New website ROI 1000 usb brochures at $7 each
1% of clients respond
25% of base salary of $100,000 10 * 25,000 - 1000(7) = 243,000 243,000/7000 = 34.71% ESRG is looking to expand;
ESRG does not spend time nor money on accounting Done on a cash basis;
Actual information on Quickbook are not useful;
Some information are misleading
Account Receivable; The most useful tools to understand the company situation are the financial statements:
Income Statement;
Balance Sheet; ESRG should still focus on finding new clients;
Have an outside firm running the accounting;
ESRG should have one day a week to review the financial statements with accountant; Database if kept current

Knowledge of Industry

Ability to find good candidates
Database is search-able but inefficient
Clients Not accessing database
Doing too many administration tasks
Clients are printing off reports for in-house recruiters Demand? O-Open database to internal recruiters for a fee to search for candidates
T-Access must be limited otherwise data could be altered. Competitive Analysis Demand? ESRG V. K.L. Kingsley ESRG
Spencer Stuart
Witt/Kieffer Results? American pop. required to have health insurance Increased use of healthcare Greater need for employees in the field Increase in business/opportunity for ESRG Personable Concern for Clients
Sourced multiple individuals for assignments
Help identify Competitors for Clients
Pricing is Great
Clients retain leads for years and have hired from initial assignment completed
Clients value Mary's opinion of Candidates Survey Results? 1. Stay abreast of the healthcare reform
2. Be more competitive by maximizing on what ESRG already does best
3. Do not spend time attempting to partner with Fortune 500 companies
4. Consider a partnership with K.L. Kingsley
5. Expand on your client base within the industry Competitive advantage if kept current
Hire someone just to maintain database
Utilize to fill more positions for Clients Recommendations Productivity application company.
25+ Applications
6+ Million users
Offices in California, Texas, and Asia
Configured for individual recruiters, staffing agencies, and corporate HR's Dashboard/Homepage Job Openings Candidates Detail Mass Emails Reports Resume Parsing Data Migration 10,000 records/candidates imported using .XLS or .CSV
300 records/candidates using .Doc (Word) or .PDF
Nearly any other formats can be migrated with the help of Zoho's migration team. Pricing Standard Edition: $19/recruiter/month Extra Features:
Zoho Mail $3/recruiter/month
Outlook Plugin: $5/recruiter/month Estimated Total Monthly $27/recruiter/month Integrated recruiting solution for job order management, and applicant tracking.
15 years of experience
Services over 1,500 recruiting and staffing firms in 25 countries
Based in Vancouver Front Office: Back Office: Recruiting, sales, marketing and sourcing, integration and customization. Resume/Lead Generation, Time and Expense, Invoicing MaxHire Home Screen Search Data Parsing Individual Email Mass Emails Reporting Pricing Front Office (All-Inclusive): Back Office (All-Inclusive): $99/recruiter/month $25/recruiter/month Back Office 1) Commission Calculations - Supports complex permanent and contract commission plans

2) Time & Expense - Handles online time and expense submission and approval

3)Invoicing - Automated client invoicing

4)Integration - Has the ability to export into popular accounting systems like QuickBooks and ADP Database Conclusion Thank You! Questions?
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