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P&D Sara Garcia Ruisanchez 2017

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on 18 December 2017

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Transcript of P&D Sara Garcia Ruisanchez 2017

P&D Sara Garcia Ruisanchez 2017
Bethal P.S

'Code Hour' has been incorporated in teachers' planners on Friday afternoons.
Goal:Professional Engagement
By the end of Semester 2, I will have led the implementation of
Global2 blogging
Google Apps
for Education to all staff at Bethal Primary School. As a result, staff efficacy using digital technologies would have improved.

Students were engaged in a 10 week coding program delivered by experts from ScopeIT. The program will also run in term 2 2018.
Staff feedback from meetings:
I have led staff meetings with a focus on:
Each teacher now has a class blog and they can be accessed via the school's website:
1. Collaborating with colleagues
2. Collaborating with students
3. Collaborating with students and colleagues
4. Other

Survey at the beginning of the year
Cross-aged coding sessions.
Digital Technologies incursion by Hume Library in term 4.
Students were introduced to OSMO Tangram and OSMO Masterpieces. They also experienced virtual reality through Google Glasses.
We celebrated Cyber Safety Week
I attended several PDs and Network meetings and developed a 2017 action plan.
Students in grade 5/6 are using Google Apps for Education.
Google Drawing
Google Slides
Google Drawing
Google Sites
Goal: Professional Knowledge
To use Idoceo to keep a record of students’ assessment practices in the Spanish class.
By the end of the performance and development cycle, I will have implemented the use of Idoceo in all my Spanish classes for effective feedback and reporting on students’ achievement

To work with our team leader and fellow members of the Specialist team to develop and implement consistent behaviour management practices across all of my specialist classes at Bethal Primary School.
By the end of this performance and development cycle, I will be using the same consistent approaches to behaviour management across all of my specialist classes at Bethal Primary School.

Goal: Professional Practice
Consistent behaviour expectations across the specialist areas.
Grades 3 to 6 communication books.
PLT meetings focused on behaviour.
The language of restorative practices will need to be further investigated next year.
A whole school point reward system, based on school's houses, is intended to be developed for next year.
To improve students’ skills in Spanish in both Communicating strand and Understanding strand.
By the end of the 2017 performance and development cycle, I will have implemented strategies for the majority of the students to show progress in their Spanish language skills as measured against the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards and teacher’s judgement.

Goal: Student outcomes-focused goal
I have helped organise various whole school events to showcase the Spanish program.
Opal Aged Care visits
Some examples:
School assemblies
My units of work are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum.
I plan activities that address different learning styles.
Snteya describing her monster.
I incorporate technology in my lessons.
I provide opportunities for students to practise Spanish outside the Spansih room through the Spanish blog.
-I have attended various PDs organised the Victorian Association for Teachers of Spanish and the Modern Languages Teachers Association.
- I have completed the
Building Leadership in Schools
course and the
Bastow Leading Languages
In 2017
Survey at the end of the year
Survey at the end of the year
Displays in the rooms
Explain Everything
Puppet Pals
Google Sites
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