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No description

mona taftazani

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of LookOmotive

LookOmotive Think about ... Move around Team Mina Osama Fayek - Mentor
Mona Mohamed - Leader
Mostafa Saeed
Nour Galal
Ossama Moussa
Agenda Problem Statement.

LookOmotive Overview.

Marketing Value.

Our Customers.


Tools & Technologies. Problem Statement:
Many people are unfortunate enough to face certain difficulties in their lives. Handicaps are forced to lead their lives depending on others and waiting for their assistance to perform daily activities.
LookOmotive Overview LookOmotive is an assisting technology that helps handicaps to control their wheelchair based on their cognitive state of mind.
LookOmotive user should maintain a specific cognitive state.
Brain signals should be read, and then processed by LookOmotive.
LookOmotive should control the wheelchair according to the detected thought.

Marketing Value Last time we gave our presentation, we received several questions concerning the marketing issue of our project, we've taken your questions into our consideration and we spent some time researching on the marketing value of LookOmotive. Marketing Value Contd. 10% of the world's population, i.e., currently 600,000,000 are born with or acquire a disability within their lifetimes & of the 600 million, UNICEF has estimated that around one quarter or 150 million are children. Up to this day there are no accurate estimates of the different disabilities.
Wheelchair Users around the world:
1 million wheelchair users
1 out of 250 persons
10,000 people every year are spinal cord injured
82% of spinal cord injuries are male
307,000 under age 44 use wheelchairs Marketing Value Cont. The number of disabled persons in Egypt, according to the statistics of the most important statistical multiple World Health Organization from 10 to almost 11% of the population in Egypt with a total 7,5 million disabled people which is considered a huge population as it's around 10% of the handicaps living in the world.
The proportion of motor disability in Egypt is 25.6% of the overall disability rate. Marketing Value Cont. Fifty percent of all spinal cord injuries occur in a motor vehicle accident. Twenty percent occur from a fall (Construction Sites), 15% from some act of violence, and 14% from a sports-related accident.
Egypt has some of the highest accident rates in the world, In Egypt road accidents has become an issue of national concern.
•Total number of accidents: 29111.
•Deaths: 6766.
•Injuries: 29658.
•Total damage: 16820. Marketing Value Contd. Rehabilitation centers and institutions operating in Egypt:
• 139 Office of Rehabilitation.
• 24 a comprehensive rehabilitation center.
• 53 nursery for children with disabilities.
• 60 physical therapy center.
• 14 factory prosthetic devices.
• 26 Education Foundation, intellectual and deaf and blind.
• 6 associations centralized at the level of the Republic.
• 350 NGO for the disabled. Marketing Value Contd. We've contacted several foundations and associations for orphans such as:
Orman Charity Association.
Al-Sondos Charity Association.
Al-Basma Charity Association.
Al-Resala Charity Association.
They welcomed the idea of the project and were ready to provide us with the contact information of their donners.
We're still looking forward to contacting:
Vodafone Egypt Foundation.
Sawiris Foundation.
Our Customers For the time being our customers lie in three categories:
1-Companies that entered the field of assisting technologies.
2-Companies that support and are intrested in Humanitarian issues.
3-Customers that are financially capable. Tools & Technologies Microsoft .NET Framework (Visual Studio 2008)
Microsoft Office Live Workspace
Operaing Sytems:
Windows XP Embedded (XPe)
x86 based development board (Not available).
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