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Plot, Theme, and Symbols By Robert Soriano

Plot and symbols

rob sor

on 10 April 2011

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Transcript of Plot, Theme, and Symbols By Robert Soriano

To Kill a Mockingbird Symbols • "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy... but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." The main symbol in To Kill a Mockingbird is the mockingbird because Scout, Jew,Arthur "Boo" Radley , and Tom Robinson are thought to be Mockingbirds Tom Robinson is being found guilty for a crime he did not commit becuase he is African American. He did not deserve to die,he was kind enough to help Mayella every once and a while but sadly this brought his death Arthur "Boo" Radley
is also innocent because he has never done anything wrong. He does not like going outside for personal reasons and this makes him an enemy to the community, all the children were told to stay away from his house making him seem like a monster. Jem and Scout are forced to open their eyes in a young state. They start to see the racism in their society and they use to see everyone as a big happy family except the Ewells of course Plot This story takes place in Maycomb County and involves the Finch family. As the children Jem and Scout start growing up they start noticing things they had not seen before in their community. For the first time they start noticing that the Radley house is not scary and then do not understand racism. The children started growing up thanks to the boy Dill. He first sparked the curosity of Boo Radley.
After Dill leaves Scout goes to school and starts finding gifts in a tree hole.She finds gum, a watch and soap figures of her and Jem. Jem later figures out it is Boo leaving the presents but their connection is destroyed when Nathan covers the
hole with cement.When Dill comes back he causes
Jem to go to the Radley door and backyard, in which
Nathan Radley reacts quickly and opens fire with a shotgun. When escaping from Nathan, Jem loses his pants and when he goes back for them they are folded. This is when Jem first starts noticing that BooRadley is the culprit. The next episode in the children's life is Tom Robinson. Atticus decides to defend a black man in court and this exposes the children to racism. Calpurnia, a black woman who works for Atticus, takes the children to her church. They realize that it is different but the people are just like everyone else. The next summer the usual routine with Dill ended. He had a new father and would have to stay home. He later runs away from home and appears under the Finch's bed. When Scout, Jem,and Dill go investigate why Atticus left in the middle of the night, they learn that the white men are going to lynch Tom Robinson. Remarkably Scout disbands the mob by singling out Mr.Cunnningham At Tom Robinson's trial the children go with the reverand to the "color balcony". Atticus strongly defends Mr. Robinson with the fact that he is crippled and utterly incapable of raping Mayella also that Mr. Ewell is a drunk capable of beating her own daughter. Atticus was able to hold up the jury but Tom Robinson was found guilty. As Atticus leaves the room the black audience stand in respect. In regards of the trial Mr. Ewell spits in Atticus face and threatens him. Atticus learns that Tom Robinson reportedly tried to run away and was killed. As time went by there was no sign of Mr. Ewell's revenge. After coming from a school play Scout and Jem were attacked by Bob Ewell, but Boo Radley came to their aid and stabbed Bob Ewell during the battle. By Harper Lee Arthur "Boo" Radley is not a bad guy and rumors have corrupted his reputation. The dicrimination and cruel accusations toward him is what causes him to stay inside his home Boo radley represents the children's growth throughout the story. At first they were scared of him and always ran by his house. As time went by they were no longer scared they simply wanted to meet him. They started understanding who Boo Radley really was. Innocence The symbolism in the last name
"Finch" is that the bird is identical to a mockingbird. It is a small bird that sings ultimately never hurts anyone. Scout and Jem are innocent but they witness racism and are attacked physically, mentally. Atticus is also innocent and does not like violence and fights for justice no matter the consequence Finch Growth Themes Justice The main theme in the story is that justice will prevail. It was obvious that Tom Robinson was not guilty but he was still convicted because he is a black man. In the end Bob Ewell
got what he deserved. He took an innocent life so he did not desrve his Education An education will grant you a better life For example Bob Ewell is a drunk who can not support his family. Atticus, a lawyer, isn't the richest person in the world but he can put food on the table. Unlike Bob Ewell Atticus is respected in his community
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