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Literary Terms in Finding Nemo

No description

Shayne Mastin

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Literary Terms in Finding Nemo

Literary Terms in Finding Nemo
Marlin is Nemo's father. He is very protective over Nemo because he want no harm brought to him.
Darla is the dentist's niece where Nemo is trapped. She kills every fish she's owned, and ironically she wants Nemo.
Nemo gets taken by a scuba diver and is put in an aquarium at a dentist. Marlin is on a quest to find his son.
Plot Graph
Nemo is the only one of his siblings to survive, he's very eager to explore the open sea.
She is an incredibly confused fish, but it very determined to help Marlin find Nemo.
Nemo is anxiously waiting to go to school for the first time. Marlin is a little hesitant knowing how dangerous things are. Turns out, Marlin was right.
Rising Action
Nemo and his friends wander off and see a boat, Nemo receives a dare that's hard to turn down.
Nemo finally gets the courage to touch the "butt" and gets himself in trouble before his dad could save him.
Falling Action
Marlin gets reunited with Nemo and they think everything is solved.
The movie ends just like it begun, Nemo going to school and is more careful, and Marlin is a little more trustworthy.
" Finding Nemo" gets his name from the captain in 2,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
When Bruce is chasing Dory and Marlin around when he smells blood and they get stuck in a hole.
When they are escaping from the aquariam and the fish tell Nemo to "swim down", that's what he tells Dory when she is stuck in the tuna net.
The fish talk and act like humans
To listen to your parents because they are smarter than us.
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