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It's all about Aditi & Cloud Computing

A summary of Aditi Technologies Ltd and its Cloud Computing Operations

Tanmay Tegginmath

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of It's all about Aditi & Cloud Computing

ADITI and Cloud
* Software as a Service is the model in which an application is hosted as a service to customers who access it via the Internet¹

* This model can be applied to Web Analytics, Web Content Management, Accounting, CRM, IT Service Management etc

*Ex/Providers: Presentation packages from Google, Microsoft; NetSuite, Salesforce, Aviary etc
: Accessible from any devices, facilitates collateral work environment.
Generic Applications are not suitable for business use.
Glance on top CSP's
Sales Force
A Summary of ADITI Technologies Ltd and its Cloud Computing Operations
After this presentation, you should be able to:
* Explain what ADITI offers to this world of cloud computing
* Describe services and its customers
* Define Cloud Computing and distinguish between SaaS, PaaS and IaaS
* Discuss Cloud Service Providers and their services
* Identify and evaluate the competition
* Discover the way to offer productivity to the needful
* Discuss how and what can we contributed to each other
Aditi Technologies is an Information Technology Service Provider established in 3 continents, headquartered in Bangalore

Aditi focuses on a combination of 3 major factors Cloud expertise, Design focus and Agile Engineering

Aditi is one of the early adapters in the world of cloud computing transforming businesses by deploying solutions via Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services since 2008.

We are Aditi
Illustration of Aditi on what it does and how it does

Cloud is a style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-Related capabilities are provided as a service to external customers using
Internet Technologies. It is categorized on three fundamental concept viz. SaaS, PaaS & IaaS.

* Platform as a Service (Also known as cloudware) is application delivery model; Supplies all the resources required to build applications and services completely from the internet without having to download or install software¹

*Ex/Providers: App Engine by Google, Microsoft Lync, Force.com

: Low cost development, Flexible Deployment.
Limits developers to provider tools & languages, Risk of vendor lock-in.

* Infrastructure as a Service deals with computational infrastructure.
The subscriber completely outsources the storage and resources

i) Private Cloud: Physical Server is dedicated to subscriber.
Most secure and costly option
ii) Dedicated Hosting: Physical Servers are dedicated on demand matching the costs and requirements
iii) Hybrid Hosting: Combination of physical server and virtual server instance are rented on demand as required
iv) Cloud Hosting: Rents virtual server instances on demand usually on hourly basis.
* Ex/Providers: AWS, Rackspace, Go Grid, Microsoft, Sales Force etc
Summary of current spending on Cloud Services in India
Spending on Cloud Services in India 2013*

*On the basis of data available on ibef.org

The Indian market has shown particularly strong growth for the past few years and is predicted to continue to be one of the fastest growing countries in Gartner’s cloud forecast

Gartner predicts that from 2013 through 2017, $3.9 billion will be spent on cloud services in India, $1.7 billion of which will be spent on SaaS.

Spending Forecasts on Cloud Services in India
*On the basis of data published by Gartner Inc. on 11 Dec 2013

SWOT Analysis ADITI for Cloud Computing Services
SWOT Analysis of ADITI on Cloud Computing

Few competitors of Aditi in Cloud Computing
Competition Analysis
* The top 100 CSPs generated $15.7bn in combined cloud services sales in 2012

- Top 10 CSP of 2013:
Net Suite: Expanded about 31% to $308 million. NetSuite also runs one of the top cloud partner called SuiteWorld
Rackspace: Open Stack – the open source cloud platform
Terremark (a Verizon Company): Federal-grade security controls are now available to all commercial customers
SoftLayer (IBM): Softlayer provide a boost to Big Blue’s Smart Cloud strategy
SAP: The recent year, cloud revenues grew nearly 90% to $668 million

Google App Engine: It expects to an alternative to Windows Azure and AWS and also to gain channel partner momentum currently it has 6,000

Oracle: Its pushing a “run anywhere” strategy that allows customers to leverage the company’s software on-premises or in the exact same configuration in the Oracle Cloud

Microsoft: More than half of fortune 500 companies leverage “Windows Aruze” for some workload + Its building office 365 add-on management tools for VARs and MSPs

Amazon: AWS has delivered 37 price cuts since launching on 2006 providing customers and channel partners with a scalable on-demand infrastructure that seems to gain more momentum each quarter

Salesforce.com: Grew 35% to $3bn last year, making salesforce.com the largest publicly held CSP. But far more important for channel partners in the force.com platform which empowers next generation ISVs for success. Plus 1800 partner Salesforce App Exchange and Cloud Sherpas providing cloud services brokerages.

Why Aditi?
A platform to innovate
Why Aditi?
An Early Adapting Company
Why Aditi?
Why Aditi?
Place that makes a difference
* Looking at the current management and engineering skills at Aditi its seems to be a platform
for constant learning and for implementing ideas that can unleash
the full potential and motivate to excel in the organization
Pradeep Ratinam, CEO of Aditi Technologies announces to mandate Apple’s DRI(Directly Responsible Individual) work model to improve accountability in management by just reading an article shared by Sunny Neogi, Head Of Marketing on Twitter

* Aditi has a clear view of what it strengths are and it invests wisely filling the gaps in the market with early adapting teams and in trending platform that gives the exposure towards the industry

Recent acquisition of “Get Cloud Ready” and “Cumulux” has enabled Aditi to expand its AWS and CMS. And also integrating with the team with exceptional cloud infrastructure migration and management expertise.
One of the close partners
What can I bring to Aditi?
Experience in Marketing & Branding
Plan, Do & Review Ethic
* Planning is the key to find a direction in this marketing research role and I believe I have the skills required to perform it effectively
Commitment to Consistent Professional Development
* In my entire journey so far including academics and career I have always undertaken some adjunct responsibilities in terms of learning as well as volunteering to gain professional development
* Ahead of the game under one of the major CSPs (Microsoft) and also expanding successfully in major competitive platform (AWS) solving several dozens of problems it has the power to stay in the game and innovate itself accordingly

* Not to mention the Partnership circle with Microsoft’s Azure and being recognized as Top 3 global System Integration Partners
& also the recognition from Rakespace and Salesforce in its cloud computing operations

* The work environment is one of the key driving factors as we spend most of our time in office identifying problems and finding solutions

* GPTW as Top 50 & Top 10 IT companies to work (2013)
* Doing it obviously is the main task and my actions in my previous role highlights the evidence and the desire to achieve is most likely to be an asset to Aditi in Marketing department
* My commitment to analyze and keep motivated by results I expect less monitoring as there is no time to get a feedback in Aditi where innovation is the key to success
Why join Aditi?
* Having spent ample amount of time in various different levels in marketing; I am effective with the communication and execution right from strategies to right down to implementation
* Experienced in a large organisation like RWE nPower Limited understanding the structure and making effective contribution in the marketing department; and on the other hand in a small organisation handling various different roles gave me a insight of wider and deeper understandings that can be implemented in Aditi and I strongly believe could make a real difference
* Since aditi is a constant evolving towards trending technologies on its services and operations, I would be more than happy to continue my journey towards learning to implement in Aditi, as and when its required
* After going through the cloud computing journey of Aditi, its market positioning; considering competition and external factors including forecasts, I strongly believe I can contribute effectively with my experience, knowledge and skill sets in marketing, branding and sales
* Aditi's presence in cloud computing environment can be extended to reach out more audience by stronger inbound marketing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization with existing resources available and it would be a pleasure to contribute
Thank You
Lewis, Grace. Basics About Cloud Computing http://www.sei.cmu.edu/library/abstracts/whitepapers/cloudcomputingbasics.cfm (2010)
Jansen, Wayne & Grance, Timothy. Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing. National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2011
The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing at http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/drafts/800-145/Draft-SP-800-145_cloud-definition.pdf
David W. Cearley. Cloud Computing - Key Initiative Overview – Gartner Inc , 2010
Wade Wegner – Mobile + Cloud: Building Mobile Applications with Windows Azure – Microsoft Tech Ed 2012- 2012
Pradeep Rathinam - Disrupting Technology services in the cloud and winning – CIO Review – March 2013

Articles, Case studies, magazines and ebooks reference list:

website reference list:

Stephen Fry explains Cloud Computing (openculture.com)
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