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Heinrich Heine

English Project Mr. Roberts 1B

Kegan Douglas

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Heinrich Heine

I know an old, old story ;

Sad is the sound thereof :
A knight lies worn and wounded

With grief for a faithless love.

He knows her faithless and scorns her

Yet hangs on her wretchedly;
He knows his passion is shameful,

Yet knows it is stronger than he.

He longs to ride to the tourney
And shout with a challenging stir,

" Let him prepare for the death-blow
Who finds a blemish in her ! "

But well he knows there'd be silence

From all save his own unrest;
And his own lance would have to be leveled

At his loud and accusing breast. December 13, 1797 - February 17, 1856 Heinrich Heine Christian Johann Heinrich Heine was a journalist, essayist, literary critic, and one of the most significant German poets of the 19th century.
(Princeton.edu) "He is best known outside Germany for his early lyric poetry, which was set to music in the form of
Lieder (art songs) by composers."
(Wikipedia) Born in
Dusseldorf. 1797 1820 Attends University of Bonn,
studying law as his
principal subject. Transfers to University
of Gottingen. 1819 Moves to University
of Berlin. 1821 Publishes "Poems". 1822 Publishes "Tragedies with
a Lyrical Intermezzo" 1823 1824 1826 Conversion to Protestantism.
Graduation from Gottingen. "The Harz Journey" published in book
form as part of "Travel Pictures I" 1825 Publishes "Book of Songs;
Travel Pictures II", including
"Ideas: The Book of
Le Grand" 1827 Moves to Paris, where he lives for the rest of his life. Heine's writings are officially banned throughout Germany. 1835 1831 Marries Crescence-Eugenie Mirat. 1841 1851 Collapses with a painful and paralyzing illness, bedridden for the last 8 years of his life. 1848 Heine writes the
"Confessions" and much
of the "Memoirs". 1853 Publishes "Poems 1853
and 1854". 1854 Dies on February 17.
Buried at Montmartre. 1856 Heine's Life Publishes "Romanzero",
a major collection
of poems. (University of Bonn) ("Dusseldorf Map") (University of Gottingen, Germany) (University of Berlin) (Book) (Book) (Book) (Book) (Book) (Book) (Book) (University of Gottingen, Germany) Returns to Gottingen to
complete his studies. (University of Gottingen, Germany) (Heinrich Heine) (Paris) (Political Map of Europe) (Wedding Rings) (Bedridden) (Montmartre) The Wounded Knight (Princeton.edu) The End Kegan Douglas English 12 - Mr. Roberts 1B
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