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The Golden Goblet

No description

Audrey Jeltema

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of The Golden Goblet

Eloise Jarvis McGraw Main Characters Settings Plot 1.) personification: "...the valley floor was beating fiercely..." (pg 202) Eloise Jarvis McGraw In the golden goblet the main setting is the city of the crooked dog. there are many places in the crooked dog that Ranofer and others are usually at such as the little green room, Ranofer and Gebu's home, and the stonecutters shop. Figurative Language The Golden Goblet published 1961 Written By Audrey Jeltema written by Audrey Jeltema Eloise Jarvis McGraw was born on December 9, 1915 in Texas. Eloise was a writer for more than fifty years and was the author of more than twenty children's books. She has won many awards and honors for her books. For her book Moccasin Trail(1952), The Golden Goblet and the Moorchild(1997), Eloise won the Newbery honor. Eloise Jarvis died on November 30, 2000. Ranofer Heqet Gebu Ancient Ranofer is a young, talented boy from Ancient Egypt that is trying to escape from Gebu's wrath. Heqet is a friendly, kind young egyptian boy who is trying to help Ranofer defeat Gebu, Ranofer's older stepbrother. Moccasin Trail
1952 The Moorchild
1997 The Golden Goblet
1962 Gebu is an evil step brother of Ranofer that is a stone cutter . he and another character named Wennamon are tomb robbers together. ancient is a old man that is funny and nice. ancient joins ranofer and heqet sometimes in the little green room. Ancient is a funny,
nice old man who is sometimes at the little green room when Ranofer and Heqet meet. Ranofer is a son of a famous goldsmith named Thutra. Ranofer works at a gold smith shop but he is not an apprentice. he is very talented and can do many things with gold. Ranofer sometimes sees a Babylonian named Ibni standing outside the front of the gold shop. when Ibni waits for Ranofer it is usually when he is giving Ranofer wine to give to Gebu. Ranofer knows that Gebu doesn't like the wine and there is another reason that Ibni gives Gebu the wine. When Ranofer figures out that someone is stealing from the gold shop he knows who is doing the stealing. He thinks that the person stealing is Gebu and Ibni.ranofer also thinks that Ibni are collecting the gold in the wine skins and then giving it to Gebu. Ranofer thinks of a plan to stop Gebu and Ibni and tells a new friend named Heqet. Heqet brings out the plan and the whole thing ends up in a disaster for Ranofer. the reason it is a disaster is because when Heqet tells Rekh the boss of the goldsmith shop Rekh bans Ibni and Gebu from coming near the goldsmith shop. then Gebu tells Ranofer that since he can't go near the goldsmith shop that rRanofer will now be apprenticed to Gebu in the stone cutters shop. Ranofer isn't to happy about that and protests but it is no use. Ranofer will now work at the stone cutters shop leaving the goldsmith shop behind. When Ranofer starts to work at the stone cutters shop he isn't warmly greeted. Ranofer doesn't like the look of the whole surroundings. when he goes up to a man to ask where the foreman of the stone cutters shop, he sees the man's hand and is terrified. The man's hands are ruined from working at the stone cutters shop. Ranofer is worried that his own hands will look like that in a few years. when Ranofer meets Pai, the foreman of the stone cutters shop Pai isn't very nice to him. when Ranofer gets settled in he feels kind of sad and walks by the gold smith shop trying not to be seen by anyone in the shop. but he didn't do that very well because Heqet spotted him and asked if he could meat him by the fish dock and Ranofer agrees. ranofer and heqet agree to meet whenever they could. they found a little place the had shade and was in the long grass. ranofer and heqet called it the little green room. But the first time a old man came in that Ranofer had met before. the man had a donkey named lotus and Ranofer and Heqet called him Ancient. when ancient came through the long grass with lotus he thought that heqet and ranofer were going to have a fight because they were screaming at each other but they told him they were friends. ancient, heqet, and ranofer met as often as they could in the little green room and talked. heqet, ranofer and ancient decided to spy on gebu and two other theives that helped him. sometimes they talked about the nile festival and meeting each other at the dock to go together. One time heqet heard a private conversation between gebu and wenamon, the other theif gubu was woking with. gebu and wenamon agreed to meet at the broken tree. when heqet tells ranofer this ranofer turns pale and lies to heqet that the broken tree is in abydos and heqet believed him. The day of the Nile festival ranofer woke when gebu left and started to follow him. ranofer followed him and gebu got suspicious. when gebu saw wenamon he told him that he thought that someone was following them but wenamon said that nobody would follow them on Nile festival day and checked around for someone. when wenamon got to the place ranofer was standing he looked around and walked back telling gebu there was nobody there. ranofer had hidden so they couldn't find him. when he was sure they were gone ranofer came out of his hiding spot and starts to follow them again. ranofer finds them digging a hole and walk in. when they don't come back ranofer looks inside and sees just pure black. then ranofer hears something and turns around to see something big with wings and dives into the hole half falling half jumping. he falls down a bunch of steps and looked around. the cave is very dark but ranofer acn see a faint light and follows it. when he gets to a certain part he keeps crashing his head into something then realizes that the walls drop there and starts to crawl. heqet and the ancient start to look for ranofer because he never came to join them. When ranofer gets to the end of the tight space he sees gebu and wenamon digging again and looks for a place to hide. when he finds one he goes there and looks around there is a lot of gold, furniture and other stuff around him. when he gets up to leave hee accidentally knocks overa vase and when it crashes to the floor ranofer hides again. gebu and wenamon go over and search for him. ranofer throws a box of jewels and hit gebu strait between the eyes and when it does gebu screams and drops the torch that he is holding. ranofer ran and crawled away as fast as he could and when he got to the top of the entrance pushed a bunch of rocks and then a boulder to block gebu and wenamon from leaving. then ranofer ran away and heqet saw him running, he ran after him. they join together and ranofer tells him to look after the rock pile with ancient. 2.)simile: "...shaped like a flower..." (pg 8) 3.) metaphor:" to work under Pai these days was to feel yourself caught in a swarm of bees, all stinging and hurling themselves at you tirelessly." (pg 103) Recommendation i would recommend this book to a fellow student because it could help with two subjects. the two subjects are social studies or history and english. English because it has a lot of big words and vocabulary words and social studies or history because the setting is ancient Egypt. it would also be good for the million word reading thing if you want to get that.
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