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Spicess- HUmanities acronym

No description

Em dog

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Spicess- HUmanities acronym

Basically is an absolute location: longitude and latitude + address
Relative Location:
- Where a location is based on another place.

Geographers: a band or location connected to the longitude and latitude lines
example: forests or desert along latitude

The connection between people and the environment and whether that can affect another area/location
Example: damming upstream can effect downstream
Population of a location can come down to economic factors or climate, etc.
Studying constant process of change in Geography. The scale of time may be a short time period or changes may take place over a longer time period. Involves monitoring situations

STP example- Traffic jam, erosion on beach after storm
LTP example- changes in the population structure of a country, or revegetation of degraded lands.
People depend on the environment as a source, spiritual or service purpose and are constantly altering and taking from the environment whether it be urban or natural.
Examples to change be humans in environment:
Man-made Dams and water collection methods, fossil fuels, introduced animals
Examining issues from different perspectives with a legend or a basic key; from the personal to the local, regional, national and global. It is also used to look for explanations or compare outcomes.
Example: Comparing hunger in a region as opposed to a country to a continent. Comparison by scale.
Spatial Awareness
Can be natural or urban area that benefits human needs
A place can be connected to an individual, can influence the quality of life or wellbeing of a person
Spicess- HUmanities acronym
Sustainability ensures that the source, sink, service and spiritual functions of the environment are maintained
for future generations.
exploration into solar energy to reduce use of fossil fuels to create energy
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