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Interview Presentation

No description

Martina Lekyr

on 19 December 2016

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Transcript of Interview Presentation





Super Funginator
New Certis
Product Acquisition
What does this New Product mean to the Company?
Employees &
The Company
Target Audiences
Key Messages
Marketing & Communication
Thank you for this Opportunity!
I'm Proud of Being part of
what does the product do best, it's characteristics
What we should know already
before we communicate
countries & areas where it's best known
sales figures, how is the product doing so far
product position on the market
competitors strengths and weaknesses, USP
market trends and customer keywords
everything about price and market perception
customers who can get benefit by buying our new product
sales forecast
Accurate Information Helps us to
Get to know the customers better and how to approach them correctly
Provide valuable communication and sales tools to our sale force and employees involved
Set correct goals and objectives for first year in Market (we don't have enought information yet)
Increase in Sales & Business growth
Increment of the Market Share & Customer Base
Strengthen Product Line & Enhance Portfolio
Integrated Solutions for our Customers
Brand Quality - Customer perception
New Clients and different approach to existing ones
New Business opportunities
Response to growing Customer Niche concerned with Food Safety Issues
Strengthen Corporative image & Company's environmental values
Promotion Opportunities for our employees
Embrace ideas, experience and Know-how from product tied employees
Opportunity to boost team
A tool for reaching more efficiently our corporate objectives
Give reasons and arguments in order to Get support from our shareholders
Internal Audiences
Executives, Directors & Managers
Sale Force
External Audiences
Growers, Farmers
Final Customers
People trust them,
they influence and talk to large groups of customers
Give them Tools to inform and connect with peoples needs.
Blogs, Websites, Supermarket Chains, Hospitals, Pediatricians, Nutritionists, Vegan Societies...
Pull Strategy
Every Employee has to understand his value and importance in the process.
Every Employee has his own motivation and it is our task to discover it and based on that communicate in a proper way .
Use of the Roger's 4 C's
Reason to Pay Attention
Audience's needs, benefits and consecuences
Nonverbal elements of communication
Communication preferences of our audience
& it's features
It's vital that Managers understand the message first and then motivate their own team.
Internal goes First!
Manuals, Induction trainings, Meetings,...
Everybody has to be familiarized before the product launch.
Every Country has its own particularities,
seasons, varieties, cultural differences...
Bear that in Mind!
Traditional Communication Methods
InCert Article, Internal eMail, Sharepoint News, Face to Face Meetings.
Press release, advertising = more and more expensive
Magazine Articles (Valencia fruit, SUCA, Phytoma, Farmers weekly)
Journals, Exhibitions and Trade Magazines, Influences the Final customer.
Newsletter for each country, growers, distributors
Direct Mailing (segmented by customer groups)
Farmers Meetings, Distributors Briefings
Online Media
Social Media
Certis Web Pages
Twitter Linkedin Youtube Facebook
Talk to our customers in their environment, where they feel good, speak their language, let them find us by valuable content. Do not sell...provide valuable content, let them find us!
Inform the consumers that will get a benefit from it's use. Special groups: for example Food Allergies, Vegans soc, Kids...
Tag consumer groups so they can find this information easily.
Video Recipes about ecologically grown food.
Previous experiences, Prove that it actually works!
Let other users contact with our sale force and other departments.
Google prefers dynamic contents to static websites
Different Uses, videos, comments
Advices & Best Practices
Success Case Studies
Objectives & Goals
Time Framed
Monitoring & Result Measurement
Online mentions, inbound links
web analytics, Google insight for search, Google trends (free of charge and reachable)
follows, retweets, mentions
new fans, likes, engagements
comments, questions, interactions
shares, pins...
Refocus Communication Strategy if needed after Measurement
Once we get feedback directly from our customers, refine price, and other points to approach next market.
Brand Metrics
Determine the key factors that most impact demand (price? quality? responsiveness?)
What do we want to achieve with correct communication?
Launching a new product in different Certis countries needs to look at
cultural and
climate differences,
branch preferences and
differences in portfolio.
Longer-term: customer pre and post-launch survey - comparison of awareness levels
Trial Results, Technical Data Sheet
News section
Blog Posts (Inbound Marketing)
Eisenhower Matrix
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