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Ian Brady

No description

Elena Schroeder

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Ian Brady

2. November 11, 1963 - 12 yr old John Killbride
5. October 6, 1965 - 17 yr old Evan Edwards
3. June 16, 1964 - 12 yr old Keith Bennett
4. December 26, 1964 - 10 yr old Lesely Ann Downey
1. July 12, 1963 - 16 yr old Pauline Reade
Police had no leads until Brady's girlfriend, and partner in crime, Myra Hindely's brother-in-law came to them and gave a statement that he witnessed Evan Edwards's murder in Brady's home. Smith (brother-in-law) also mentioned Brady's claim that other bodies were buried on Saddleworth Moor.
Police had only circumstantial evidence against the couple. Until, a more thorough search of the house led to the discovery of a luggage ticket, which led to a locker in Manchester Central Station. Inside the locker, police found sadistic gadgets, and pornography, including pictures of Lesley Ann, bound and gagged in Hindely's bedroom. A tape recorder was also found, on which Lesley could be heard crying and begging for her life, as well as Brady and Hindely's voices. In turn, the couple attempted to implicate the brother-in-law, Smith.
Upon the search of Brady's home, Evans's body was found in an upstairs bedroom.
Date of Death
Still living and incarcerated
Date of Birth
January 2nd, 1938
Investigative Efforts
Ian Brady
Ian Brady
Lesely Ann Downey tied.
Ian Brady never attended college but showed a large interest in sadistic literature such as workings by Hitler. His IQ is 170.
Modus Operandi
Use of an Axe
Early Life
Brady, born in Glascow, Scotland, never met his father and was put up for unoffical adoption at 4 months old. His mom was around him alot while growing up, but she never told him who she was.
Went to Strangeways prison at age 17, for burglery and petty theft. Released Nov. 1957.
Early Life
Brady got a job as a store clerk, where he met co-worker, Myra Hindley. They began dating and he eventually had a huge influence and control over her.
Growing up Brady was very anti social, and obsessed with the Nazis.
May 6, 1966 Brady was found guilty of the murders of Lesley Ann Downey, John Killbride, and Edwards Evans. Brady, along with Hindley, were jailed for life with a minimum recommended sentence of 30 years for the 'Moors Murders'.
October 1999 Brady went on a hunger strike, in an attempt to committ suicide. As a result, he was force-fed. Brady is still alive today.
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