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No description

Yenlik Gaisina

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of VOLVO

General information about company
Business objectives
Corporate social responsibilities
Business functions
Product range
Production processes
Costing and pricing strategy
Future forecast
Costing and pricing strategy
General Information
Business objectives
Corporate social responsibilities
Business functions
Product range
Production process
Costing and pricing strategy
Future forecast
Volvo Trucks
Volvo Buses
Volvo Construction Equipment
Volvo Aero
Volvo Finance Service
Renault Trucks
UD Trucks

Mack Trucks
Eicher (India – VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, 50:50 joint venture with Eicher Motors)
Volvo Penta
Nova Bus
Volvo Rents
"I roll" Latin

A special series of ball bearing

Within SKFAB
Our vision:
Transport world leader
•creating value for customers in selected segments
•pioneering products and services for the transport and infrastructure industries
•driving quality, safety and environmental care
•working with energy, passion and respect for the individual.
Promoting diversity
Competence development
A safe place to work
Freedom of association
Trucks Technology
Trucks Operations
Construction Equipment
Financial Department
1) Financial Services
2) Corporate Finance & Control
Corporate Legal & Compliance and General Counsel
Corporate Human Resources
Corporate Strategy Department
Corporate Communication
Public & Environmental Affairs
Corporate Process & IT
Unique and distinct brand-specific character that attracts customers .
Eicher, Mack, Renault Trucks, UD Truckes and Volvo,
Long-haul tracks from Volvo are a common sight on the roads
Special-purpose vehicles
The Volvo Group manufactures special-purpose vehicles for use by for instance government, defense, peace-keeping and relief organisations
Bus selling marketing plan:
types of bus for different market:
e.g China
after service
Construction equipment
Engines for boats and industrial applications
How exactly
is an ultra-modern truck built?
In the cab plant, the sheet steel is shaped in 340 new proses
This Assembly process is carried out with the help of more than 300 robots
After a few hours, the sheet steel has already been transformed into a cab
Here, the cab is painted
in an entirely automatic process.
On the assembly line,
the cab is fitted with its components
Cab plant
Chassis plant
The cab will be transported
to the chassis plant for completion
Here, truck engines are cast,
machined and assembled
In the pilot plant, about 300
pre-series trucks have been built.
Pilot plant
On the assembly line,
the chassis is fitted upside-down
It takes just over five days,
and 2790 screws
The all new Volvo FH

Id: 90
Condition: new
Year: 2012
Engine size: 12.3 l
Engine: 379 kW
CO2: 4,88 g/km
Fuel: Diesel
Exterior Color: silver
Body Type: saddle
General information:
Price: £96,320
Expand North American market (2008 -> 16.1%; 2012 -> 23%)
Focus on Trucks as main product (65%)
Invest in environmentally friendly products
FB 2
Yutong Yang 120222133
Yenlik Gaisina 120176700
Guo Rong Yuan 120238721
Hao Xiong 120236554
Wang Xing Qi 120225695

Reg. No.

Price: £65,472
Reduced fuel consumption:
– Refuse transportation -20%,
with plug-in units up to -30%
– Distribution -15-20% -
Volvo FE Hybrid
Volvo FH
Noise levels when accelerating and idling are reduced by 50%. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by up to 30%. Emissions of particulates and nitrogen oxides are also reduced.
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