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Once upon a time…..

Once upon a time…..

John Egan

on 17 July 2009

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Transcript of Once upon a time…..

Once upon a time…
He loved English, but wasn’t as good at it as math. And everyone told him he should be a doctor or a scientist because he was good in math. And so he decided to become a meteorologist.
But meteorologists have to take a lot of chemistry and physics. The little boy hated chemistry and physics. And nearly failed both.
He was a very sad and confused little boy. Eventually he got fed up and changed his major to math.
But the more he studied math, the less he enjoyed it. So after taking 6 courses, he decided to change again, and graduated with a degree in communications. Though he still did integrals for fun.
After getting his BA he decided to travel the world. Which was also fun.
Many years later the little boy was all grown up. He had a career, but he didn’t enjoy it.

One day he talked to some people about career planning. They gave him lots of tests and asked him lots of questions. And they all added up to one thing: adult education.

They suggested he go to graduate school to study adult education.
No no no. said the little boy. No more school. But he did find a job teaching adults and he instantly loved it!
After a year, the boy found out that going back to graduate school would earn him more money. So he applied and got accepted and planned on doing enough work to get by. He set the goal of one year to complete his degree.
Except graduate school was fun! And challenging! And exciting! The little boy was very happy! He also got a part-time job helping professors develop online courses using something weird called WebCT. Eventually he began teaching at the university, including teaching how to create online courses. Fun fun fun!
Eventually that one year became five. And the M Ed. became a PhD. He still got to travel the world, but now to give workshops and classes!
He even got to work for the Olympics!
By now the little boy who was good at math had found something he loved: teaching.

And he finally understood why it took him so long to get there.

There is sometimes a big difference between what someone loves and what someone is good at.

There was a little boy who was very good at math. Which earned him praise, which he loved!!!!
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