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Science Constellation Project

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Transcript of Puppis

Puppis By Maddie Mitchell History
Puppis used to be a part of a really big constellation, called Argo Navis. This huge constellation was a 'ship'. Then Argo Navis divided into four parts: Puppis the Stern, Carina the Keel, Vela the Sail, and Pyxis the Compass. These are all named after the differnt parts of the great sky 'ship'. Location
Puppis is in the heart of the Milky Way. It is southeast of Canis Major. Puppis is best seen in winter, mostly February and March. The Stern Picture Of Puppis Canis Major Pyxis Hydra Vela Stars
Name Apparent Magnitude Absolute Magnitude Spectral Type Distance From Earth Color Surface Temperature Zeta Puppis 2.21 -5.96 O5lbf 1,400 light-years Blue 42,400 K
Pi 2.71 -4.92 K3lb 1,090 light-years Orange 4,000 K
Rho 2.83 1.41 F2llp 63 light-years Yellow-White 6,540 K
Tau 2.94 -0.81 K0lll 183 light-years Yellow-Orange 200,000 K

The Zeta Puppis's luminosity is 60,000 times that of our Sun! Myth
It is said that Argo Navis was the ship used to carry Jason and his 50 Argonauts to go on a journey to capture the golden fleece of Aries the Ram from Colchis. THE END!!!! HOPE YOU LIKED IT :D
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