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desmond degroot

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By:Desmond DeGroot, Leena Albert Cloudy with a Chance
ending Introduction Compare * They both left the island on boats of bread, so that they did not all die by the food. Book Contrast They floated away on bread. They started a new life on new land, and made houses out of the same food that they made their boats out of. Movie Flint stopped the FLDSMDFN and saved the island They got on bread but came back to the island *They both had food falling from the sky until stuff headed for the worst then giant food falling from the sky in the ending. There was no machine in the book. There was a machine in the movie. They both left the island, but in the movie they came back In both the movie and the book it was awesome have food 3 times a day.But one day food when wild . y y come but it didn't stay that way long. Soon they would all be killed by giant falling food. You could tell the machine what you wanted to eat. Conclusion That is what is the same and different about cloudy With a chance ending
The end
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