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Yoko Ono

No description

sheldon thomas

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono

born February 18, 1933 Location:Tokyo, Japan g Young Yoko was educated at Gakushuin School, considered among that nation's most prestigious private schools. She learned piano and studied opera from a very early age, and her classmates included the children of the Emperor. Education wise, Yoko was trained as a musician at some of the finest schools in Japan. She also was taught how to train her voice in both opera and German Lied. At the age of 13, she announced to her father that she wanted to be a composer. Her father gently discouraged her because she was a girl, but as a failed pianist turned banker, he did sympathize a bit. This sort of prevalent sexist attitude in Japan, as well as the stifling nature of her lonely, privileged upbringing, got her thinking about freedom

High School: Gakushuin School, Shinjuku-ku, Japan
University: Sarah Lawrence College her most famous piece was her cut piece. first performed in 1964 at the Sogetsu Art Center in Tokyo. Cut Piece had one destructive verb as its instruction: “Cut.” Ono executed the performance in Tokyo by walking on stage and casually kneeling on the floor in a draped garment. Audience members were requested to come on stage and begin cutting until she was naked. Cut Piece was one of Ono’s many opportunities to outwardly communicate her internal suffering through her art. I think that the cut piece was
creative.couldnt really judge
weather or not i liked it because
i never seeing it but the thought
of how she came up with the thought
of getting naked showing her body
as a work of art was just genius Other Art By Yoko Ono 'Painting to Hammer a Nail' 1961/1966
this version realised from the Indica Gallery, London, Nov 8-18, 1966 'Painting to see the skies'
1961 The Impact that yoko ono had on society was she gave other females that want to study art the courage to progress and that being a woman or a female isn't any different
from any man indivisual yoko ono is still alive..she's 76 years old.

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