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kaylee aliberti

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Trampolines

People bounce on the trampoline for
recreational and competitive
purposes. What is the purpose of
the trampoline? Who was the original inventor of the trampoline and when was the trampoline invented? By Goerge Nissen and Larry Griswold in in Iowa. The trampoline was originally used for court jesters in medieval time in England Now it is used for competitive and fun uses. How was it used when it was
originally invented?
How is it used today? Bio-related and Agriculture. Eskimos used the trampoline to hold their fish. Many other cultures did this too. Which of these areas of technology best classifies the trampoline? What are some of the innovations the the trampoline has undergone since it's original invention? It is much bigger and safer. *You could fall and get hurt
*You could land the wrong way
*Standing under the trampoline when someone is jumping How has the trampoline impacted society in a negative way?
*Some trampolines have netting *Great exercise *Something everybody can enjoy
*Good way to get energy out How has the trampoline impacted society in the positive way? Science
Using the right material to make the trampoline bed The science, math, engineering, and technology of the trampoline. Life is a cement trampoline
- Howard Nordberg Here is a quote about the innovations of a trampoline Technology
Designing the
trampoline on
a computer. Engineering
To build a safe
and fun way to
jump high Math
The measurement of
the trampoline
and how big it is.
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