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Metal Knight Horse 2

No description

Hanna Jedemann

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Metal Knight Horse 2

Do you ever feel lonely? I do! Me to.. Well, the Hans.co has made an amazing discovery
called the Metal Knight Horse The Metal Knight Horse is made of
completely metal and will keep you company where ever you are It can travel with you to where ever you want to go Do you love horses? yes and is friendlier then any other metal horse out there! Even Justin Bieber loves the Metal Knight Horse! and Selena too! I love the Metal Knight Horse It makes you feel like a real Knight! and it makes you popular! Or princess I love the Metal Knight Horse! Do you like Metal? Of course! Everyone is buying the Metal Knight Horse So hurry and get your fast! There practically running off the shelves and can't move at all only if you buy the only car that can take it places for only $599.99 so gallop and buy yours today! you may find this amazing item in any fo your Walmart or Greenhawk stores side effects may occur such as..
-metal rash
-need-of-a-real-horse sickness
and any other common sicknesses and remeber to tell your friends!This also allows you to brag! Metal Knight Horse Roxs Metal Knight Horse I love the Metal Knight Horse I love Hanna I like horses + John J i'm a girl
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