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Copy of Reviewing Plot Diagram

The Outsiders

Kathy Foster

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Reviewing Plot Diagram

Do Now: In your notebook, label and fill in the definitions of the elements of a plot triangle.
What are the 5 different types of conflict a story can have?
Character v. Character
Character vs. Self
Character vs. Nature
Character vs. Fate
Character vs. Society
So, with the person next to you, identify the exposition, rising action, climax, and any falling action that you can see in The Outsiders.

Be ready to share your plot triangles.
Exit card:
- In 5 complete sentences:
There are a lot of examples of rising action in The Outsiders. Identify another and be sure to identify which of the 5 conflicts it is and give an example of a scene in the novel that demostrates the conflict.

This will be collected!
ex. Little Red Riding Hood takes place in the woods. The characters are Little Red, the Grandmother, the wolf, and the lumberjack
ex. Little Red goes into the woods. Conflict: Character vs. Character; Little Red vs. Wolf
ex. The grandmother is eaten.
ex. The lumberjack save Little Red and Grandma.
ex. The grandmother is saved from the Wolf's stomach and they all live happily-ever-after.
provides reader with the background information about the plot, setting, and characters.
Rising Action

contains the suspense and the conflict in the story.

The most exciting part of the plot. It is the turning point; in other words, everything changes after this point.
Falling action

Conflicts begin to resolve and the story begins to come to a resolution.

The story ends and the conflicts are resolved. We also learn a moral.
Essential Question: How does understanding the elements of plot structure assist with the understanding of the story?
Exit card:

The rumble is part of the falling action, do you think that the rumble will resolve the conflict between Greasers and Socs? Why or why not?

What moral(or theme) do you see developing from this conflict?

Essential Question: How does understanding the elements of plot structure assist with the understanding of the story?
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