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McGraw-Hill Higher Education Campus Project

No description

Lyndsey Kaiser

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of McGraw-Hill Higher Education Campus Project

Common Themes McGraw-Hill Campus Project By: Lyndsey LeGrand In an effort to gather as much information as possible from professors, I posed probing and open-ended questions that encouraged them to share more details about their respective experiences. I found that a conversational approach to my interactions with the professors proved to be more successful than simply reading directly from a list a questions. Technology-Related Questions: In what ways do you incorporate technology into your teaching method?

What multimedia materials do you typically include in your lectures?

What mediums do you currently use to enhance communication between students and instructors?

Do you currently utilize any of the digital course solutions offered by McGraw-Hill Higher Education (Connect, Smartbook, LearnSmart) and, if so, in what ways have the tools benefited both you and your students? After compiling all of the necessary information for contacting the professors, I then turned my attention to composing a list of questions to ask them based on the information that I hoped to gain from the opportunity to speak with them. Organizing the Information In order to best organize the information that I gathered, I created a spreadsheet in Excel that included each professor's name, college/university, email address, discipline, and best time to call. The schedule proved to be enormously beneficial due to the limited time frame that the professors were in the office to answer calls. Additionally... I drafted emails to the professors to inform them ahead of time that I would be calling and to make them aware of the nature of the call. While many emails went unanswered, some professors responded with useful feedback as the to best times to call and expressed appreciation of the advanced notice. I also sent emails to thank the professors for taking the time to speak with me following our conversations. Objective Composing Questions Upon reviewing the directives for the McGraw-Hill Higher Education Campus Project, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to gain hands on experience with the typical work environment of a learning technology representative. Immediately after the task was assigned, I developed a plan of action that would allow me to maximize the time allotted to me for the completion of the project. Points of Interest Qualities of a successful sales rep RESEARCH Planning Ahead Given the timing of the assignment, the background research that I conducted proved to be critical to the successful completion of the project. After speaking with Corrina about the project just before Memorial Day weekend, I knew that it would be particularly important for me to immediately conduct thorough research. Knowing that professors would likely be out of the office until Tuesday, I spent the weekend creating a detailed plan for contacting as many professors as possible when they returned to work. Plan of Action Consult summer course schedules Identify summer course instructors Gather necessary contact information via faculty directories Determine best time to call based on course
hours and office hours Develop contact schedule Use of technology Decision making and ordering processes NOTE:
In total, I spoke with 12 professors. However, for the purposes of this analysis, I focused on the five conversations that proved to be the most informative. It is significant to note a number of common themes expressed by each of the 12 professors: A sales rep must possess a thorough understanding of the products being offered Sales reps must be good listeners in order to provide solutions tailored to the given needs of different courses A sales rep should be passionate about and committed to improving education What qualities do successful sales representatives possess? How can a sales representative expedite the planning and ordering processes? In what ways can a sales representative ensure that you have the best materials for your class? How do you normally decide upon materials to use for a given class? What influence do sales representatives have on an instructor's decision making process? General Inquiries What challenges do you encounter in conveying information and ensuring that students retain the material? How do you encourage student interaction with course content? What role does the bookstore play in the decision making and order processes? Dr. Bernd Fritzsch Professor and chair of the Biology department, The University of Iowa "I expect a sales representative to continually alert me to the most up-to-date materials that are offered." "It is important for representatives to be able to provide certain texts to the P.A.’s expeditiously." Dr. Bryant McAllister Associate Professor of Biology,
The University of Iowa "The bookstore has absolutely no influence in the decision making process. However, our bookstore functions as the primary means by which students can purchase the texts required for their respective courses. Therefore, they play a central role in providing access to materials.” "The most important quality for a sales representative to possess is responsiveness. Sales representatives must be able to provide appropriate solutions to professors based on the information that they express to them about their classes." Dr. Michael Jarcho Assistant Professor of Neuroscience,
Loras College "a successful sales representative would listen to the specific needs that I have in my classroom and then present me with a number of unique options suited to those given needs." “I utilize YouTube videos, interactive graphs and charts, links to online studies and various other multimedia sources in my lectures. While I do require my students to purchase textbooks to aid in their studies outside of lectures, I strive to provide as many resources as possible to my students to engage all different types of learners.” Dr. Karen Glover Associate Professor of Chemistry,
Clarke University Passion for Education Sales representatives should aid her in providing her students with as many tools to help them succeed as possible Dr. Mary Johnson Psychology department Chair,
Loras College "The most successful sales reps express genuine interest in my teaching methods. Instead of encouraging me to modify my behaviors to adapt to a new product, they inform me about what is offered that would best suit my class objectives." Thus, as I recognized throughout the process of completing the campus project, McGraw-Hill Higher Education sales representatives and the professors with whom they work are unified by a mutual passion for improving education. What I Learned and Why I Would be a Successful Sales Representative Throughout the course of the past week, I have been able to glimpse into the work environment of a sales representative at McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the discussions that I had with the professors, but I also derived a sense of pride in overcoming a number of obstacles that I encountered throughout the process. It was certainly a struggle to get in touch with professors during this time of the year. Those who were not busy completing their end of the year reports were either busy with their summer classes or absent from campus. However, I was able to adapt by conducting thorough research about office hours during the summer and found success in doing so. After completing this project, I am even more confident that I would make an excellent sales representative for McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Not only do I possess strong communication skills, but my flexibility, time management, and organization aptitudes prove to be advantageous in the work environment of a sales representative. Through the Campus Project, I gained a much greater understanding of the responsibilities of a sales representative at McGraw-Hill Higher Education and am certain that I possess the skills that are necessary to be successful.
Compose list of colleges and universities Speaking with the Professors
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