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Project Management Collaboration Platform - Feng Office

Feng Office - Project Management Collaboration Platform - Presentation

Conrado Viña

on 30 January 2012

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Transcript of Project Management Collaboration Platform - Feng Office

What does a
Project Management Collaboration Platform
Project Management
Why use a
Project Management
Collaboration Platform?
Increased productivty
Lower costs -or higher profitability-
Best quality management
Enhanced client satisfaction
Unleash you team potential
What and How
In Summary
To achieve
Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
Collaboration Platform for
Project Management
Collaboration Platform

Management Software (ERP)
Excel and Word files for client data
E-mail Client (Outlook) for messages
Whiteboard for project planning
Post-it notes for reminders
Most Common Office Setup
Project Planning
Project Monitoring
Client Management
Information Access
Time and Cost Tracking
Client Management
Managing ALL Clients
Project Monitoring
Easy, fast, and intuitive
Costs less
No software installation
No Hardware either

Investment pays itself

Big competitive advantage
Why Change
Information is stored at US and Germany based
Data Centers.
Feng Office Security
Security Protocols to access every Data Base on every Server.
Access to your information is secured, and only available to users you define.
Daily Back-ups.
Option to install on your own premise - 'Feng Onsite'.
175 countries
25 languages
400.000 users
Professional Services Firms, Agencies, Studios, NPOs, Government
Schools, Freelancers, and more...
Will I ensure Service Quality?

Will I increase efficiency and margins?

Will I improve the way we work?

Is my data going to be safe?
at Professional Teams
Accediendo a Reportes Automáticos
Project Planning
Information Access: Automatic Reports
Scattered and disorganized information
Unclear who is assigned to project tasks
Status of Projects is unclear
Overdue tasks (and nobody notices it!)
Working documents are not readily available to others
Limited access to the work of others at the team
Difficult to keep track of last document versions
Most Common
Project Management Issues
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