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Nike Factories

An inside look at nike factories in 3rd world countrys

Danielle Bonovento

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Nike Factories

Nike Factories Being shot with rubber bullets, smacked over the head or sexually harassed all in your work place this is a reality for many Nike factory employees. All over the world children as young as 13 are forced to walk 3km to work to earn 2.50$ a day to make a product sold for 110$ here in Canada. This report will give you an inside look at Nike factories in 3rd world countries Why does Nike feel violence is an appropriate punishment well most countries put the rights of there people? Nike uses punishments such as
-shooting workers with rubber bullets
-smacking back of workers heads with shoes
-writing lines in the hot sun
-& putting workers in a cage
There have also been several reports of sexual assault by the factory owners such as
- & grabbing female workers
And what is Nike’s response “we’re doing them a favour by providing income for the workers so they don’t starve.”

Unfortunately Nike has these factories in over 7 countries such as
- & Indonesia
All American factories were closed in1993 because Nike figured it cost’s less to have them in poor countries because there they can underpay there workers. In fact Nike only pays there workers 1.75-2.50$ where minimum wage in Canada in 10.00$.So here that would be illegal. But it’s not there so Nike can get away with barely paying there workers enough to survive.
“If I don’t work overtime I can’t survive” says Batazar from Jakarta. He works an average of 40hours overtime a week and still barely makes enough to get by. Even though there have been strikes in 1970 by the south Koreans and 10,000 Indonesians went on strike in 1977 over wage violations workers still “like” there jobs. Nike factories are considered “high end” or “well paying” jobs. And to shut down these factories would cause 1,000’s of people jobless. Workers may not enjoy working at Nike but its much better then the alternative. Beaten underpaid workers forced to work 40 hourrs overtime so you can have nice shoes.well know you the story behind the company you know and love.

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