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Dynamics of Human Relationships HHD3O

No description

N Mosco

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Dynamics of Human Relationships HHD3O

Personal Growth
& Development
Dynamics of Human Relationships HHD3O
Healthy Relationships
Building healthy relationships
Unhealthy Relationships
"Love is blind."
Forms of Abuse
a clear image of what success looks like for you
Bill of Rights
"I" Statements
Right to Pass
Questions/thoughts/opinions are never stupid
No Assumptions
Self-Esteem & Self-Concept
Why is it important?
How can I improve it?
Self-Image & Body-Image
Why is it important?
How can I improve it?
makes your goals visible
reminds you of what you want
keeps you positive
allows you to create a purpose in life
Why is it so difficult for someone to acknowledge that they are in an unhealthy relationship?
Safe Dating
Mature vs Immature Love
Media's Role
Barbie & G.I. Joe
Eating Disorders
Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge-eating
Miss Representation
Who Am I?
Healthy Eating
self injury
How does your vision board make you feel?
it makes me feel happy to see my dreams before my eyes, not just in my head
determined about my choices and my direction in life
inspired because I want to make a change
it makes me feel like I can do anything
it makes me feel positive and motivated
it makes me feel like I can do things in my life and I feel happy
it makes me happy to know what I want in life
it makes me feel happy
How did the course help you?
it helped me be more positive for myself and others
by learning all the different things about self-esteem, bullying and how you can help people
it helped me stay positive in scary situations that occurred in my life
it helped me to understand what stress is all about and how to handle it
it made me think about my decisions
it helped me find out more about myself
it helped me with my friend and his situation, so without any of the information that I learned in here, they might not be here
ways to unwind from bad times
prepare to cut down the stigma of mental illness
I know how I should and shouldn't be treated in a relationship
I would tell my friend to take this class, especially if they aren't being treated the way they should be in a relationship
helped me see things from a different perspective, gave me a lot of information, also helps with the way you look at yourself
definitely take it, it's a great course, you learn a lot and helps you work on yourself
I learned a lot from this class
this is a good course and you will learn a lot about yourself and how to help people
this is a great course to take because it changes your perspective of life
I wish I could take it again
you get to know your peers better
always share your opinion in a class conversation
it will help you open up
Just do it! It has changed my life and it's stuff you can actually use in life
Without a doubt, I thought it was interesting and one of the most useful classes I have taken so far (and that's 15 years total of schooling)!
This can help produce better people and raise a better future for everyone
Thank you so much for taking topics/issues and making learning about them fun. I wish the course was longer.
a thought provoking and incredibly interesting class
this class made me feel and think more positive and encouraged me to become a better me. I love this course and wish I could take it again.
TV, Music, Movies
Video Games
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